Small Business Statistics for Intention-Driven Professionals

Risk is an everyday part of life… And, where there’s risk, there’s almost always reward and business owners know this well. Although some will eventually shut down, startups actually do outnumber the closures. The small business statistics below will help you better understand what goes into starting a business. It’s the American dream—to start your… Read More »

Taking A Business Stand: LGBTQ Inclusivity with Intention

Early in my career as a wedding planner, I worked with couples to assist them with commitment ceremonies and civil union. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would see same sex weddings being legalized across all fifty states! Mark, Mark, I’m Mark! As a middle aged, openly gay man, whose branding… Read More »

Earth Day 2019: Making the World Better One Wedding at a Time

Just like the idea that a butterfly could flap its wings and change the course of a tornado, you, too can create ripples in the eco-system by taking steps to help global environmental causes. This is the butterfly effect at work. What you do in your business today to intentionally create a positive change has… Read More »

Taking Social Media Seriously: The Importance of an Intentional Approach

It doesn’t take more than a minute spent online to guarantee yourself the opportunity of catching a surprising, maybe even controversial post from one of your weddings and special events industry colleagues. When it comes to social media content for your business, posting with intent is an absolute must. Your business and your brand are… Read More »

Culture of Intention: Big Wins for You, Your Team & Your Business

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions? Most of us do at one point or another, which is why the mindset of ‘living intentionally’ has grown in popularity in the past few years. This practice centers around being present in your life and focusing on your path. In other words, while… Read More »

Making it Meaningful: The Importance of Intentional Marketing

Are you being intentional with who you’re marketing to? The best way to test this is to answer this question: when you market your events business, who are you marketing to exactly? Maybe you’re thinking, “That’s easy, I do weddings so I’m marketing to a bride between 25-35 years old who is happy to pay… Read More »

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