Creating a Competitive Edge Through Market Intelligence

The competitive lines in business aren’t nearly drawn as cut-and-dry as they are in the world of sports. Because of this, the word is often vilified for a number of reasons. It isn’t all about wins and losses though, dominating over other teams or, in our case, other businesses (even though business “wins and losses” do affect… Read More »

Equipped to Win: The Value of Competition to Your Business

As much as we see it, feel it and even celebrate it in our daily lives, competition is a peculiar life quality. Painfully, it”changes teams” at the drop of a hat, especially in the world of business. One day, it’s working for us and we’re at the top of our game. The next day, it’s… Read More »

Confidence in the Recession-Proof Weddings & Special Events Industry

According to Merriam-Webster, confidence is “a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances.” Based on this definition and the trends in the wedding industry, weddings and special events pros should be confident that their businesses can continue to grow no matter how the rest of the nation’s economy is doing. According… Read More »

Managing Client Expectations Without Being a Bummer

When I planned my own wedding back in 2003, to digital go-tos of smartphones, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram didn’t exist. Google was barely a thing. Friends still gave me a hard time about shopping on Amazon (as if). I found everything that I needed for my wedding within five miles of our apartment. My venue,… Read More »

Starting & Strengthening Professional Relationships with Confidence

Achieving success is not for the faint of heart. There is no magic formula to obtaining wealth and recognition. No “passive income” that suddenly appears in your bank account once a week. Success takes work. Real work. If you’re in the wedding and events industry, the most successful pros in your community know this well,… Read More »

An Evening Amidst the Stars: The California Wedding Day Best of 2019 Awards

On Tuesday, May 14th the Aisle Planner crew joined the Southern California wedding industry to celebrate the beauty, innovation and creativity of our pro community at the California Wedding Day Magazine Best of 2019 Awards Gala at the magnificent Vibiana by Chef Neal Fraser & Co. in downtown Los Angeles. Guests and honorees reveled amidst… Read More »

3 Ways to Build Confidence as a Business Pro

Confidence, especially as an entrepreneur, can dictate action to move your business forward. The flip side is also true for those times when you lack self-assurance. Feeling that we’re inadequate or unsure of ourselves can lead to inaction, procrastination and the dreaded entrepreneurial slump. We all go through these peaks and valleys in our career. So,… Read More »

Keeping Confident & Achieving Real Success Through Self Maintenance

“Invest as much time in yourself as you do in your business.” Self maintenance is hard thing to keep in mind for those of us with an entrepreneurial spirit. We’re inspired by the unknown and motivated by possibility. Never satisfied with what is or was, “What could be” is a standard motivator in our lexicon…. Read More »

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