Building with the Right Blocks: Modeling & Scaling Your Business with Intent

The motivational speaker Wayne Dyer once said “Our intention creates our reality.” This quote can be both easy to understand and confusing. Is it your intention to be a planner or floral design, a baker of amazingly clever cakes or a photographer with a unique eye for candid moments? Great, then you are one! For some people it’s that simple. Business card? Check. Website.? Check. Plan a wedding, make a cake or photograph a friend’s retirement party? Check. You’ve stated an intent and your reality is fulfilled. It may live or die in that one simple statement. The intention to be a professional, acquire education and to model your business after another not only takes intent, but also intentional steps and planning. Without careful thoughtful intent your business may spiral out of control or stagnate and die a slow painful death.

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Scaling or modeling your business after another doesn’t mean you’re aiming for a carbon copy of someone you admire. Just like the old saying goes, elements of success found in other businesses are great inspiration and building blocks. Your foundation, however, should be built on a solid footing of what you find when you look inward. What makes you uniquely and undeniably you. From this foundation you can then identify the steps to get to the level of professionalism, execution and success that you see in other companies.

Survey says.

A lot of questions get asked of you when you own or operate a business, no matter what space you’re in. But how well do you know the answers when it comes to how this business you’ve invested so much of your self in truly reflects you, what you bring to the table and what you ultimately want to get out of it? What are your business ethics? Who is your ideal client? What services will you offer? Who will you network with to achieve your goals and do they maintain the same ethical standards?

Drawing your map and sticking to the route.

The Thomas Guide was the tool of the day to find the best route from point A to point B. Along come cell phones and navigation apps, and boom – enter your destination and your course is plotted for you. And, it’s all right there in the palm of your hand. For a business to be successful in generating revenue and joy from your first dollar to your graceful exit, it must be looked at as a carefully plotted intention. Your business “map” must contain realistic steps to succeed in the segment of your choosing. Knowing what you’re modeling from and how you’re going to scale are critical to getting your business “show” on the road.

Balancing model with your means.

Owning and operating an intention-driven business requires a high level of awareness. When considering next steps, be “present” in your world today. It will make it it easier to answer questions like “What is realistic given your current financial situation?” and “How will your level of education play into this?” If your current situation requires that you keep your ‘real job’ to support yourself and family or to keep medical insurance, your action plan may not be the same as the bigger, highly visible company you want to emulate. You know what? That’s OK!

Getting to your ideal business model might require more manageable steps. You may need to take on fewer clients until you build a stronger following. You might need to spend some time networking and growing your referral network before stepping out of that full time job. Be focused and intentional with your business. Show yourself and others your confidence in how you want your business to be known. Be firm in how you want your business to grow. Be intent in determining and following the personal and professional steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

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