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In case we are meeting for the first time, let me introduce you to Aisle Planner! We are an online suite of wedding/event planning tools as well as business management tools. Our tools were designed by wedding industry professionals and created because we knew there was a better way to manage all of the details, for each of our clients.

Since we debuted our first set of planning tools in 2014, we have grown and evolved into not only the planning tools you want but, all of the business tools you need as well! Plus, with all of the upgrades we have been making, Aisle Planner is no longer just for wedding planners – it’s for all wedding professionals!

Our suite of planning tools include: Checklists, Timelines, Style Guides & Color Palettes. Calendars, Contact Library, Notes, Guest Manager, Simple Seating, and Event Websites. (Plus, you have integrated collaboration tools, notifications, privacy settings, and planning partners!) Our suite of business tools include: Custom Branding, Proposals & Contracts with e-signatures, Lead Management, Invoicing, Online Payment Processing, and Project and Document Templates.

But today, we are excited to talk about the specific ways that you can utilize some of our favorite tools as a florist!

Aisle Planner Style Guides

Style Guides

Our Style Guides are a great way to keep all of your inspiration neatly organized and easily shareable! You can create Style Guides for anything and everything: mood boards, general inspiration, personal floral inspiration, tabletop, ceremony. Plus, you and your clients can comment on images to let each other know what about the image you love.

Our Style Guides are customizable and shareable! You can select and download Style Guides or you can create shareable links to send to clients or vendor partners.

View a sample shareable Style Guide here.


Aisle Planner Budget


As a florist, your job requires a lot more than just creating beautiful arrangements. We know that managing a floral budget is perhaps your least favorite thing to do but, it’s crucial to making sure your business is profitable! Our Budget is fully customizable (and shareable) so you can track estimated and actual expenses for all of your events. Plus, since you can create templates, building new budgets for clients is easy!

Download a sample Budget here.

Aisle Planner Proposals


Proposals are one of your most important sales tools and often, florists get hired based on how quickly they can get proposals to prospective clients. With Aisle Planner, you can create proposal templates that allow you to quickly update and tailor the information for each lead. And, the team is pretty excited about what’s just around the corner for our Proposal feature! We’re gearing up to update the feature to allow you to add images to them!

Download a sample Proposal here.

Learn more about Invoices, Online Payment Processing, Proposals & Contracts or where to get started when setting up your account here and here

Manage Your Business on Aisle Planner

And, because our goal here at Aisle Planner is to give you the tools you need to do your job well and do it easily, now you can use our tools to manage all of the details about your business as well! Use the same tools that you use to keep every detail organized and yourself on track for your clients on your own business by creating a business project in your account. From there, you can use the Checklist, Design Studio, Contact Library, Calendar, and Notes to keep your business as streamlined as your planning process.

Learn more about using our tools to manage you business here.

We’re excited to welcome you to our community and to see how using Aisle Planner’s planning and business tools helps you transform your business! Cheers friends!

Have questions or need help getting started? We are here to help! Get in touch with us at


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