Collaborating with Your Spouse

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We love a good collaboration as much as anyone else and today, we wanted to talk about one of the most challenging collaborations to pull off – with your spouse!

You can love your spouse to the moon and back, but working with them is not for everyone. It comes with its own set of challenges: establishing work/life boundaries, getting used to being around each other all the time, and (maybe the hardest thing that no one talks about) coming up with something other than work to talk about!

We are fully aware of the challenges and rewards of working with your spouse here at Aisle Planner – we’ve got two couples in our small company – and wanted to swap stories with someone who collaborates with their spouse on a creative level. So I reached out to our friend Heather of Amorology, to have a quick chat about her experience collaborating with her husband, Troy of Backup Backdrops.

Aisle Planner Amorology Backup Backdrops

Tell us the story about how the Amorology and Backup Backdrops collaboration started?

With each new wedding, Troy and I were finding inspiration to create unique art installations for our couples to really highlight their story, which quickly became a niche that we were recognized for! With so much love and feedback from our own brides and colleagues, we wanted to extend the boarders and offer other planners the opportunity to incorporate backdrops for their clients.  It has been so exciting watching the many ways Troy has been able to collaborate on projects with other planners and industry friends!

What is the design process like for the backdrops?

Our process always starts by getting to know our couples, their story, and what makes them unique. We then put pen to paper and brainstorm together on ways to creatively share their personalities. Lastly, we create the design and concept board or a rendering to give them overall direction. Once approved, we gather all necessary materials and get to work on creating something our couples and guests will never forget. While our ideas are our own, we are inspired by the love and stories behind the couples we work with.

What is it like collaborating with your spouse?

We love it! We are so fortunate to get to do what we love most together! It’s the very best to put our passions together and produce magic for our couples and something we are proud of!  And wedding nights… well they double as date nights!

“Making the decision to work with your spouse really comes down to your relationship. I had worked with Rob on enough projects in the past to know how we could make this work. And even though we don’t always see eye-to-eye (thankfully we kiss and make up quickly), we have a vision and common goal that we are working to build for our family. And, if you are considering working or collaborating with your spouse, consider how planning your wedding together or that home renovation went; those are pretty good indicators! ”

Tina Farrow, Founder and President

Is there anything you two have dreamed up that you are just waiting for the right event to execute?

We are always dreaming and have quite a few fun ideas up our sleeves but can’t give too much away just yet! You’re just going to have to wait and see!

What is the key to successfully collaborating on creative projects? Do you have any advice on making it happen?

  1. Having a great team of creative vendors is a must for us! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing the people around you are running with a shared vision and are the best in their class at implementing fresh ideas!
  2. Think outside the box and don’t feel like you need to stay within what’s already been done before.
  3. Get a good night sleep! My best ideas come to me in my dreams or when I have just woken up!  Keeping yourself fresh and rested allows for the inspiration to flow a little easier!

“Collaborating with your spouse is all about balance. Not only do you have to balance how much of your work life ends up at home and how much your home life shows up at work, you also have to balance the power dynamic. Working with your spouse has it’s challenges but, if you can establish boundaries and focus some energy on maintaining common goals, it can really be fun to create something together!”

Tayler Cusick Hollman, Media & Marketing Director

Have you ever collaborated with your spouse? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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