Creative Leadership: Mary Phan of The Sketchbook Series

Aisle Planner The Sketchbook Series

aisleplanner_MaryPhanHave you heard? Aisle Planner is the national sponsor for The Sketchbook Series 2016 tour! We are thrilled to be a part of this event that helps creatives grow through the art of sketching. Mary and her team will be making 10 stops across the country (including a stop here in San Diego!) teaching and inspiring us all through her creative leadership.

The Sketchbook Series is a creative workshop that teaches creative professionals — from event designers and planners to cake bakers and florists, and any creative individuals in between — how to use sketching to bring ideas to life. Bonus, you’ll also master the art of effectively communicating your design ideas to your clients (because we all know that sometimes, it’s hard)!

It is creator Mary Phan’s spirit and creative vision that inspires people around the country to be creative leaders themselves. “I love how my art has become a way to work with and support other event professionals. I love using it to empower and encourage creatives to pursue their passions. I want my art to inspire others to keep working towards their dreams.”

When you attend the workshop, you get hands on instruction from Mary and will leave knowing:

  • Basics of sketching as it relates to the event world
  • Quick tips on creating different textures
  • Pencil pressure & line weights
  • Scale, proportion, depth perception
  • 2D vs. 3D objects
  • Perspective drawing
  • Use of blending with suggested brand markers

Aisle Planner The Sketchbook Series Aisle Planner The Sketchbook Series

But, on top of leaving with workshop having majorly upgraded your sketching skills, you’ll be inspired by having met lots of other creative professionals! And that’s why we are so excited to be a part of this wonderful event! We firmly believe that there is strength in numbers and that when creative collaborate with each other, beautiful things happen.

aisleplanner_beautiful-minds-inspire-others Aisle Planner The Sketchbook Series

To learn more about Mary Phan, The Sketchbook Series or register for a tour stop in your area, visit their website

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