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Whether you’re a newer wedding pro just getting your business off the ground or are pushing through the hundreds of day-to-day tasks to keep your business moving forward, one thing’s for sure. Money and marketing are two things that are always front of mind! The good news is that your relationship with Aisle Planner can give you an incredible leg up on marketing to your ideal clientele and keep you on budget. Here are a few tips to fire up your marketing and set yourself apart from your competition.

Find Your Ideal Client

One of the first missteps many wedding pros make is trying to be the pro for everyone. It’s virtually impossible to be the ideal planner or wedding pro for every couple out there. Figuring out your own personal design style and the kind of client you best connect with will help you focus on the people you actually want to do business with. Not only will this help you connect with newly engaged couples but also with other wedding pros in your market who also serve the clients you’ve targeted.

Build Your Brand

Aisle Planner gives you a simple and creative way to create a cohesive brand image and market your brand. In one location, you can create a beautifully branded business profile and contact forms. You can hand select photos featuring your best work and even geo-select the areas you want to market to! Beyond having a cohesive brand that tells your story, AP offers you the opportunity to have your real weddings and styled shoots published on their site. These will then reflect on your Marketplace listing for clients to see your finished product.

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Set Yourself Apart

If you look at wedding pros across the country, their marketing strategies are very similar. You’re bound to see things like we create beautiful weddings or we make wedding planning easy. And, of course, you’ll see we’re detailed and organized! Aisle Planner’s marketing, sales, and project management tools allow you to prove all of those statements in living color. Imagine creating an ideal client profile and then creating a sample design board, calendar, timeline, or even a floor plan. Posting these visuals on social media can back up the claims that you do make wedding planning easy. And, it’ll show just how detailed and organized you really are!

Showcase Your Style

Aisle Planner makes it easy to connect with like-minded wedding professionals to create professionally styled shoots. Share your design ideas with your collaborators and communicate internally by commenting directly on the design boards you create! You can stay right on schedule with a detailed checklist and timeline bringing all the details together effortlessly. Not only will you show your colleagues how easy it is to work with you and the software, but you’ll create an incredible final product that’ll surely wow your ideal clients. Aisle Planner puts all these tools at your fingertips, offering a seamless planning experience and helping you market your business affordably.

Pro Tip: Here’s how to plan a styled shoot on Aisle Planner!

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