Creative Ways to Cool Your Wedding Guests Down

Aisle Planner Creative Ways to Cool Your Wedding Guests Down
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Summer is the season of weddings, but, with temps on the rise and a sun that seems to be unwilling to relent lately, how do you go about ensuring wedding guests stay comfortable and cool on a warmer-than-expected wedding day without totally interfering with the aesthetic of your wedding? We’ve got some creative (and cool) ideas for you below. Read on, and get ready for your guests to find some serious chill as your couple says I Do. 

Frozen Yogurt Bar

We love the idea of offering guests a frozen yogurt bar at summer weddings. With tons of toppings to choose from, couples can customize their fro-yo bar to reflect the aesthetic and colors of their wedding—and can even use toppings to tell a story (think signs that read: Sam’s favorite Farmer’s Market Strawberries or Kevin’s Crushed Coffee Bar Beans). Get creative and sophisticated—skip the classic maraschino cherries and crushed peanuts and opt for uncommon and aesthetically stunning toppings instead (fresh fruit, gold foil sprinkles, etc.).

Cold Brew Bar

Cold brew is a great way to cool guests down and get a little caffeine in them to ensure the afternoon sun doesn’t lull them to sleep during the ceremony. We love the idea of setting up a cute cold-brew tent or bar (or food truck, if there’s one if your area) at the entrance to the ceremony. If you’re feeling extra generous and want to get the party started early, include Bailey’s shots as an option in addition to the usual creamers and sweeteners.

Passed Mini Float Pairings

Everyone loves a great float—and we’re huge fans of the idea of serving up sophisticated twists on the cult-classic root-beer float during cocktail hour. Think greyhounds (vodka and grapefruit juice) poured over sorbet, or a dessert beer (like an oatmeal or coffee stout) poured over vanilla gelato. We love the idea of making these mini, too, so that guests can enjoy a shot glass-sized version of a sweet treat, without having to commit to a pint of ice-cream before dinner’s served. (Plus, the smaller size will make it much easier to serve these on a tray during cocktail hour, just as you would a passed appetizer.)

Booze Popsicles

If the ceremony is scheduled to take place in the middle of the afternoon heat, plan to offer guests cooling treats upon arrival. We love the idea of having beautiful booze popsicles (think lavender, rosemary and gin, or grapefruit, mint and vodka) on display for guests to grab as they arrive. With tons of recipes on Pinterest, you can make these as pretty as they are delicious. Opt for colors that reflect the aesthetic of your wedding, and be sure to go with lots of fresh fruit (think whole blueberries in a limoncello based popsicle) for a treat that’s as beautiful as it is boozy.

Pretty Parasols

We love the idea of offering guests gorgeous paper parasols as they arrive. Simply place them on ceremony seats, or group them in pretty baskets at the end of each chair aisle or at the entrance to the ceremony. Tie a cute note around the handle for an extra special touch. If you want to go for a more sophisticated aesthetic (and have the room in your budget), opt for fabric parasols as party favors guests can take home.


Overall, there are tons of creative ways to keep guests cool during summer weddings. It’s all about coming up with cooling treats and fun takeaways that add to the aesthetic of the wedding, rather than take away from it. From pretty popsicles to party-favor parasols, the options are endless—and your guests will thank you for them when that sun starts to make its way right over the ceremony space.

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