Editor’s Letter: Branding

When it comes to building a business in the wedding industry, one of the biggest challenges people face is standing out in what can be a (very) saturated market. And, I’m not just talking about coming up with a marketing strategy that is going to get you noticed – I am literally talking about building a brand that doesn’t look, feel or act like the ones you are standing next to.

The wedding industry is made up of so many amazing professionals, each with their own point of view and process. But, it is also made up of trends that we all love on hard and end up infusing into everything from our wedding designs to our brand identities. The problem is, when we all do that, aren’t we making it harder for our potential clients to tell us apart?

So this month on the pro-blog, we are going to focus in on how we can differentiate ourselves in an aesthetics driven space! We’ve lined up an amazing group of branding experts to talk about everything from how to know when you need a rebrand to what makes a strong one to how to make sure yours stands out, and more. And, whether you walk away with a list of to-dos or the confidence that your branding is on point, we all can continue to make the world of weddings one really pretty one!






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