Editor’s Letter: Human Resources

When I think about the moments business ideas have popped into my head, I almost immediately start taking stock of what I need to get the thing off of the ground. From assessing what I can take care of on my own to putting together the list of people I know who can help, the journey from idea to launch day is made possible because of people – not things.

And, when you are busy building a business, it can be easy to think that your most valuable assets “can take of themselves.” But, the people who are helping you make it happen need to be cared for like any other aspect of your business machine; they need to be worked on, pampered, upgraded, and sometimes replaced.

To me, HR is about taking care of your people while covering your own ass. And, doing those two things simultaneously (and successfully) is hard, so this month, we going to focus on all things hiring, firing, nurturing, and leading. In short, we’re going to spend the month making sure your people game is strong.

All month we’ll be covering the topics that have made you want to go hide under the covers in the past. But, get ready to learn what you need to cover your own ass and those of your team!





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