Feature Spotlight: Keeping Your Contacts in Check

If you plan ahead, you won’t have to get ready, you’ll already be ready. The best way to be ready is to ensure that you have all of your contacts situated before all of your big events! Contact information includes social media. These are essentially synonymous in this day in age. Aisle Planner has tools in the lead and client record that will make the collection and use of contact information easy and beneficial for everything you do as a wedding professional.

Lead Record and Client Record

As the pro, all you have to do is ask your clients for their social media URLs. Then, input their information in the lead record. This is where you can store social media URLs in order to find your leads/clients on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Not only will you get an idea of what their aesthetic is, but you can also credit the vendor or client for their work and collaboration. Also, you can now verify any emails you add!

Did you know? You can connect your Lead Contact Form to Facebook page to automatically bring in any leads to your lead manager in Aisle Planner? Here’s how to do it!

Contact Records

No need to ask for tags each time, in the record sheet you can find your vendors’ social media icons. Once you click on the icon, you’ll be able to go to their social media pages directly and communicate and share content. With the contact sheet download, you can say hello to time efficiency because you won’t need to retype everything in order to share it with planning partners. All handles are easily accessible and will allow you to stay connected with clients/vendors at any time.


Adding social media handles to your contact record:

Step 1: Click into contact record, then click the world icon to add a social link.

Step 2: Click on “add social link” and choose which type of link you would like from the dropdown menu.


Step 3: The prefix of the type of social media link will populate on its own. All you need to do is add the username to finish the URL.

Updating Contacts

We encourage that you add as many websites and social media URLs as needed. You can use the first field for the contact’s website and use the remaining fields for social media. The most important task is that you consistently keep your vendor and clients’ contact lists up to date with the most accurate information. Doing this will alleviate any last-minute to-do’s, stress, and contribute to the success of your event and business as a whole. After all, effective communication can only be maintained by being able to stay in contact in the first place. And, we definitely use social media as one of the main forms of visual and digital communication.

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