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Aisle Planner Hannah Smith Events
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We got to meet this month’s Featured Planner earlier this year at the BHLDN Carlsbad opening. Katherine and I had recently been stalking members of our community online (per usual) and had come across Hannah’s work. So, when we were at the event and saw her from across the room, we had to introduce ourselves. And today, we wanted to introduce you! So meet Hannah – the go-getting, ocean loving, and proposal planning owner of Hannah Smith Events.

Aisle Planner Hannah Smith EventsTell us about your path to becoming a wedding planner. 

I believe my broad range of both work and life experience prepared me for this position.  I started in hospitality (catering, hotels, bars, wherever I could make money) while going to school for interior design. Then I worked in live music production and events while starting a small business that I later sold. I started coordinating weddings on the weekends which quickly turned into a full time job.

Your wedding planning business hit the ground running! What was the experience of growing quickly (and so soon) like?

It’s been an unreal journey. I started with the intention of just doing weddings on the side by myself, to having multiple assistants and other planners within a year due to the unexpected high demand.  Most of our business is referred by previous clients, vendors and venues.

How involved are you in the different locations?

I am very lucky that I have a team of very talented people that I can trust. It is impossible to be in all locations at once, so having people with similar vision, drive, work ethic and standards is key to the success of this company. I oversee every location, wedding and event using online tools and lots of communication but each planner has their own clients.

How has AP helped you manage your business and remote teams?

With AP I can quickly access all of HSE’s wedding, event, vendor and client information. We all work together as a team and help each other out at times. So if someone has a question I can pull up that clients file at any moment or location.

What’s your wardrobe staple? Black pencil pants and Tieks flats

Ocean or mountains? Ocean all the way

Favorite thing to do on a day off? Brunch, beach and family

What made you decide to add proposal packages to your services?

Our Planner Maryssa came up with the idea after noticing that many people were overwhelmed and needed help when it came to proposing to their fiancé. It helps take the pressure off of them so that they can truly be in the moment while still doing something unique and amazing for their loved one.

Do you have a favorite proposal moment?

Oh wow,  there are too many to count. It is such an intimate and special moment that we have the privilege to witness. I especially loved when a guy asked us to bring in all of her favorite desserts for a beach picnic with friends (who were all hiding waiting to surprise her).

Aisle Planner Hannah Smith Events
Photo courtesy Katie White Photography

How would you define your style?

My go to favorite is classic and clean with a bit of texture.  I love details and bringing in interesting decor but too much can become cluttered and uncomfortable to look at.

Are there any major trend differences between the three locations?

Absolutely.  But it also depends on if it is a destination wedding or local because have clients from all over the world. Similar to fashion, trends hit different areas at different times and each city adapts that trend to better fit their lifestyle.

What are you most excited to do in the next 12 months?

Offer our clients even more outstanding services such as retail…..more information coming soon 😉

Aisle Planner Hannah Smith Events

Want to see more of Hannah Smith Events? Check out their website

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