Member Spotlight: Marina Rosales of Isari Flower Studio + Event Design

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Marina Rosales is the Events Manager at Isari Flower Studio + Event Design. A recent college graduate, she is already proving that she can handle anything that comes her way (she helped execute more than 30 weddings this season and she jumped in mid-way through!). We sat down with her to talk about what it’s like to be a new planner, establishing yourself as a professional and having fun along the way.

aisleplanner_MarinaRosalesYou moved back to San Diego after finishing your degree in Ohio to work with Tam Ashworth at Isari Flower Studio + Event Design. What made you take that leap?

I had interned with her a couple years prior to me graduating and we had always stayed in contact. Tam was looking for someone to be in charge of her weddings and events and the timing was just perfect.

What has it been like bringing in house coordination services to Isari? Has anything surprised you?

It has been very exciting and challenging. For years I have always worked under someone’s guidance and to finally make the calls is very rewarding. When I coordinated my first wedding on my own I was surprised that it all went pretty smoothly. You always hope that it will but you never know and just have to prepare for the worst.

You walked into all of this in the middle of wedding season; tell me about how it has been developing a coordination process in the midst of a full studio calendar.

It has been very challenging because my main focus at Isari is helping to design a couples’ wedding and then on top of that I am trying to figure out the best way to offer coordinating, rewriting the contract, etc.

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Does being in house at a floral studio change how you work?

It does to a certain extent. I have worked at a full service event company before where we did have a floral studio in the building. But I love being able to coordinate through Isari because typically the bride will hire us for the whole package meaning florals, design, and coordinating and that is where I have a lot of fun. We really have the opportunity to imagine and create something so unique. At Isari we have a studio full of candles, vessels, linens, you name it. Isari has also established such an amazing network of vendors that are always there to help, which makes my job a lot more fun.

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What have been the biggest challenges for you? Since you are not only just establishing your professional network in San Diego but as a young professional yourself?

As I said before my biggest challenge is realizing that I am leading this part of Isari and I am no longer working for another coordinator. We always dream of no longer working under someone but when the moment finally happens that is when your skills are put to the test. It is scary for a little bit but then it is very exciting because you know you have worked so many years preparing for this time. It is all a learning process and as long as you are passionate about what you do then you can get through any challenge.

Stepping out into a leadership role is exciting! Do you feel like you had to learn anything on the fly? Especially since you walked in mid-season.

I definitely had to learn how to write floral proposals quickly because we had so many couples coming in for consultations. I think the biggest thing was just learning how to describe the floral designs in a way that incorporated the couples’ vision and sounded beautiful. When I am writing proposals they are more than words on a paper, they are a picture of how the wedding will look. So it is very important that each proposal is creatively thought out.

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What really gets you excited in the coordination and design process?

I really love the couples that we work with at Isari. I love getting to know their stories and helping them create their vision. And then on their wedding day they hug you and thank you for everything, those are the moments I truly get excited for.

Have you had the time or opportunity to develop a signature yet?

I have not. This position is still very new to me at Isari. When it comes to floral designs I have noticed that I love the tuscan feel but with a twist. I love the idea of using funky fruits like figs and mixing in unique greenery. I am always changing though but that is currently what I am drawn to. I am also always looking through old fashion magazines to see how we can incorporate different elements into future weddings.

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I know you and Tam have some amazing goals for Isari Flower Studio! How do you organize your days and collaborate with the team so that you can keep making progress towards achieving them?

I am all about lists! I have a list for everything and all the things I hope to achieve at Isari and then I cross them off one by one. But Tam and I are always touching base and figuring out how we can take Isari to the next level. Especially at a small company communication is so important. We have so many meetings throughout the week that we always just have to take time to check in with one another.

The next couple years seem like they are going to be really exciting! What are you most excited about for the future?

I am just very excited to be a part of Isari and help it grow into something more amazing. I think we have some great ideas for the next year and I just can’t wait to see what will unfold.


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