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Lorna Marshall is a Principle Planner, Business Manager, and Event Designer at Posh and Prim in Detroit, Michigan. A woman with an open-door policy, her job as a professional planner doesn’t stop when she leaves the office; she loves nothing more (ok, maybe her husband and kids) than entertaining family and friends in her home. Read on to learn about what it’s like to be a part of a business that operates in two states, how she connected with her work-wife, and what she is most excited for in 2017!

Aisle Planner Posh and PrimTell us about your path to becoming a wedding planner?

I was planning my own wedding in 2004 with the help of a wedding planner and really enjoyed meeting people, the planning process, and watching it all come together as a beautiful occasion. I realized then that wedding planning was what I should be doing. After my wedding, I started to help my wedding planner part time and also began planning events for my church.

How did you connect with your business partner Erika?

It all began at a networking event, in 2009 Detroit, Michigan. At the time, we were both a year into starting our own businesses, Erika with Eco-Posh Events, and Lorna with It’s Your Day. Immediately, we admired each other’s style, set up a career-driven coffee date, and our friendship instantly unfolded. “Sometimes being an entrepreneur gets lonely. It’s a lot of work! And we both were young mothers, trying to navigate parenthood while running a business. It was nice to be able to lean on one another and support each other professionally.” Erika explains.  And to top it off, we found out that our husbands were coworkers – crazy!

How did you and Erika find and connect your team?

Aisle Planner Posh and Prim
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When Erika and I began working together, we brought our teams in as well. When we merged, our whole team got together at our launch party. Its now a tightly knit group of extremely professional individuals that simply love their job.

Are there any challenges to running a planning business in multiple cities?

Actually it’s the best of both worlds!  When you hire Posh & Prim, you not only get myself (in Michigan) or Erika (in Kansas), you get a team working on your wedding that generally care about your planning process being as smooth as possible.

Your team plans wedding with such a range of styles. Is that reflective of the planners? The areas your clients live in? Or just speak to the fact that you work with couples that have unique personalities?

Our clients are always our priority. Our styles often depend on what our brides want (unless it’s completely insane). We do offer suggestions depending on season, location, and budget.

What are your favorite details to include in your client experience?

If clients allow, I strongly recommend first looks. I explain how they don’t really get any personal time during the wedding or reception and how it can be the only quiet moments they have together all day.

I also recommend having a brunch or lunch for the bridal party since (just like the bride and groom) they often don’t get time to eat.

Favorite song to sing?

This rotates monthly. I am a lover of music and my most recent song is “You made a way” by Travis Green.

Best thing about being a part of this team?

I am not just in this by myself, I have a business partner that I can shoot off ideals with and grow with.  

One thing you wish people knew about Detroit?

Detroit is a thriving city. You have to visit Detroit to appreciate where it’s going. Also don’t judge Detroit based on media views.

Tina got to spend some time with you at Wedding MBA! What was your favorite session from the conference?

I really enjoyed the class from Sasha Souza.  She is such an expert and her session about branding was great! But, truthfully? The networking at the event was priceless!  I was able to meet so many people in person that I had only every interacted with on social media.

Do you have any advice for people planning to go in 2017?

Dress comfortable, have note book prepared to take notes, and set a goal to meet a certain amount of new people a day to connect with.

Aisle Planner Posh and Prim
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Tell us about the rebrand! What inspired it?

We needed to merge our two businesses so we wanted the new brand to represent us both. We are the yin to the other’s yang. Erika is strong where I lack and vice versa. We are a great team and we deserved a great brand to represent that!

We ended up throwing a launch party for the new brand and it was an amazing time! Check out the video of the evening here.

What’s the next big thing for Posh and Prim?

Posh and Prim itself is our next big thing since we are only three months into it but we always debrief after events so we can grow positively. We talk about our consults, process, and event day work to make sure we achieve our goals and learn from our mistakes.

Aisle Planner Posh and Prim

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