Finding Confidence as a New Wedding Planner

Aisle Planner Finding Confidence as a New Wedding Planner
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We’re focusing on confidence all throughout the month of January, and we’re so excited to explore the topic of finding confidence as a new planner today. Our industry is saturated with seasoned pros and stunning events to boot, which can often be intimidating for all of the new-to-the-game planners or first-time business owners out there. (We were there once, too—and we feel you.) So, today we’re breaking down some confidence boosters for those who have just begun laying the foundation for a lifelong career in the planning industry. Read on, and get ready to feel ultra Beyoncé-like as you tackle events in 2017!

Never underestimate the power of passion

Chances are, you’re in the wedding-planning industry because of one main thing: passion. Sure, there are other factors that contributed to your decision—financial reasons, maybe you know someone in the industry, maybe you grew up in the industry, etc.—but the foundation for the business you’re building should always be a foundation of passion. You’re passionate about planning, you’re passionate about weddings, and you’re likely passionate about flexing those creative muscles of yours. Passion is the perfect place to start—and it’s where we all start out. Remind yourself of this anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed or questioning your worth or value as a new planner. The pros you follow religiously today were once brand-new planners armed with nothing but their passion and talents. As long as you don’t lose sight of your passion, you’ll be just fine.

You are exactly where you need to be

As simple of an idea as this is, it’s one that we so often forget. With all that’s going on around us—bills to keep up with, a business to grow, weddings to plan, a household to run—we often expend so much of our daily energy doing one useless thing: worrying. As the old adage goes: “worry is a waste of imagination.” Remind yourself daily—with verbal or written affirmations even—that you are exactly where you need to be. Even the most seasoned pros were once brand new to the game. Focus on your path—and your path only—and don’t worry about where others are. Your story is your own, and you should never waste time comparing someone else’s finish line to your starting line. By training yourself to replace negative, worry-laden thoughts with more uplifting, inspiring ones, you’ll immediately notice a shift in the way things go for you as a new planner.

Inspire and immerse

One of the best ways to gain confidence as a new planner is to immerse yourself in the industry as much as possible. Attend conferences, mixers, coffee dates with industry pros, etc. Read books, study trends online, take a weekly walk to a thrift store—whatever it takes, inspire and immerse yourself with all-things event-planning in a plethora of ways. The more exposed you are to the ins-and-outs of the industry, the more confident you’ll be planning those first few events of yours. Be sure to take advantage of online communities, too, like our Aisle Planner Facebook Group —communities like these can often be the perfect places to gather ideas and tips from seasoned pros.


Overall, finding confidence as a new planner isn’t too different from finding confidence as someone who’s new to nearly any industry—it’s all about reminding yourself of your successes so far, not getting too wrapped up in comparison, and immersing yourself in industry inspiration. With that, we hope you’re feeling inspired and confident to tackle 2017 like the pro that you already are!


About the Author

Katherine Oyer
Katherine Oyer

Katherine Oyer serves as Director of Public Relations for Aisle Planner and is a wedding obsessed entrepreneur, operating her own luxury wedding planning company, Lucky & In Love. She is mom to two baby chinchillas, is a newlywed, and is slowly fulfilling her dream to travel the world. She is a believer in true love, shopping local, and fresh flowers for no reason. Follow Katherine along on Instagram @sparklefarkle

2 thoughts on “Finding Confidence as a New Wedding Planner”

  1. Agatha says:

    Love this article! It helps me to know that I am right where I am supposed to be with starting my new business and not giving up because I am different. Loving forward to joining the group on Facebook!

    1. Tayler Cusick Hollman Tayler Cusick Hollman says:

      Yes, you ARE exactly where you should be! The Facebook group is a great resource…see you in it!

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