Five Projects to Awaken Your Inner Child

Aisle Planner Projects to Awaken Your Inner Child
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This month, we’re focusing on inspiring creativity in all aspects of your life. Oftentimes, as planners, we exert so much creative energy working on events and projects for other people, that we can end up feeling less-than-creative when we finally get some time for ourselves. So, today, we wanted to focus on fun projects you can do for yourself that have absolutely nothing to do with that next big wedding or party you’re planning. By being creative simply for the sake of being creative (rather than for work purposes), you can release some serious endorphins and tap into that inner child of yours that’s been begging to be let out.

So, put down your planner, close out your calendar and get ready to have some serious fun for noone other than your oh-so creative self. (You go, you.)

Wildflower Walk

Take a walk with the sole goal of collecting items for a homemade floral arrangement. Snip some rosemary from those bushes in the park and pick a few blossoms from that tree in your backyard. Rather than sticking to your usual paths, you can also try exploring and finding some new areas. Depending on where you live, you may have to head to the outskirts of town. You can even hit local farmer’s markets for flowers if you live in a big, concrete-claden city. The point is to both get some fresh air and do so with a creative goal in mind.

Photography Challenge

Complete a photography challenge, but do so simply for yourself (and that creative mind of yours) rather than with the goal of posting to Instagram. What inspires you? What do you find the most beauty in? Are you a total foodie? Challenge yourself to take a creative photo of anything having to do with food (fresh produce on the vine, spices at a store, plated dishes at home, etc.) every day for two weeks.

Focus on creative composition rather than just point-and-shoot photography (play with lighting, try framing things differently than you normally would, etc.). Typography is also a great thing to capture if your eye is drawn to it. Take a photo of each letter of the alphabet in the wild (in a mural downtown, on the front door of a small business, on the cover of a book) each day for 26 days until you have every letter.

At the end of the challenge—whichever you choose to complete—take a look back through your photos. Chances are, there will be some in there worth framing. Frame a series of your favorites on your office walls to constantly remind yourself of that creative side of yours.

Creative Classes

Challenge yourself to take one creative class each month—these can be artistic, musical or even fitness related. Just like you’d have your child enroll in piano lessons or head to soccer practice, send yourself to a class or course of your choosing. Local colleges, fitness studios, art studios, culinary schools and community newsletters are all great places to start searching. Maybe you try a leather-making class in April, a guitar lesson in May and aerial yoga in June. The point is to challenge yourself to something new, exciting and a little bit scary each month. After a handful of classes, you may even stumble across one you want to continue with. We’re all for that—new hobbies are a great way to increase creativity.

Draw On Your Dishes

You heard us right: draw on your dishes. Get out some ceramic wear and some colorful sharpies and get to doodling. Then, simply bake the piece in an oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. We love the idea of creating a cute outdoor scene on a dessert plate, or, for some serious inspiration when you need it most, leave yourself a message at the bottom of a coffee mug. This is such a quick and easy way to create something with your hands that you can look at and use everyday.

Paint Over an Old Canvas

Painting is one of those art forms that you don’t have to be great at to enjoy. The problem is, supplies can be pricey. We love the idea, then, of buying old canvases from thrift stores and painting right over them rather than splurging on new ones. Bust out those acid-washed overalls, pour yourself a big glass of wine, channel your inner Bob Ross and let the art flow. Don’t worry about creating a beautiful end product—just have fun throughout the process (and don’t be afraid to get messy). Embark on this one with your family or even make it a girls’ night. Picking out the old canvases can be just as fun as painting over them, so bring everyone along for the trip.

Well, we hope we’ve woken up (and dusted off) that inner-child of yours. Creating things and working with our hands outside of work is such a great way to inspire ourselves in our day-to-day work. So, remember, save some creative energy for your days off. You’ll find that projects that have nothing to do with weddings or parties somehow help to inspire you once you get back to planning those weddings and parties. Cheers to your best year in creativity!

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