Frequently Asked Questions About Aisle Planner

We always want to make sure that our growing community has easy access to everything they need to be Aisle Planner power users! So today we are answering the top 5 FAQs about Aisle Planner’s wedding planning tools.

1.  How do I communicate with clients in Aisle Planner?

Aisle Planner’s communication tools are founded in the ability to comment. When you comment on a checklist item, image, or vendor file, your client (and planning partners) will receive both an email and in-app notification. That they can respond to simply by hitting reply in their email inbox.

The beauty of building our communication tools around comments is that is organizes everything for you. You won’t have to dig through emails looking for that one random thought your bride had about her make-up or if she wanted to move forward with booking the caterer.

Learn more about communicating with clients here.

2. Can I customize my Aisle Planner account with my brand?

Absolutely! We want to to show of your brand, not ours. You can customizing all of your emails, print materials, and client login links in our Branding Center.

Learn more about how to customize your Aisle Planner account here.

3. How do I share information with clients or vendors?

Because it’s your job as the wedding planner to keep everyone informed and on track, we built download and sharing abilities into our wedding planning tools. Whether you want to share a styled guide with your bride or send the day-of timeline to the photographer, you can share information by either downloading documents or through our share link.

Learn more about downloading documents here and sharing style guides here.

4. How do notifications work?

Aisle Planner will send notifications when:

  • A task is assigned to someone
  • A task has been marked as completed
  • A payment due date is approaching
  • A comment has been added to an image, task or vendor

The default notification setting on your account will send both email and in-app notifications but you can also update your settings. You can learn about how to update settings on your account here.

5. Can I plan non-wedding events in Aisle Planner?

Yes, you can plan non-wedding events on Aisle Planner if you are willing to get creative – and most of our planners have. But since our planning tools label everything as “wedding” we suggest giving any planning partners the heads up so they don’t get confused.

We have definitely had lots of requests for the ability to plan a non-wedding event in Aisle Planner and it is on our to-do list! The team is working hard to bring you more tools (as well as fine tune some of our existing tools) and we can’t wait to make some big announcements in the near future!

If you ever have any questions about how to best use our wedding planning tools, you can head over to our Help Center or reach out to us at

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