How to Build a Strong Content Marketing Strategy with Two Bright Lights

Have you ever created content, thrown that figurative spaghetti at the wall, and crossed your fingers that it was going to do something? Welp, that strategy (or lack there of) ends here. We’ve teamed up with Two Bright Lights to help you build a strong content marketing strategy for your wedding business. And, in this webinar we cover:

Content Marketing – What Exactly is it?

  • Why you should love it
  • How it can benefit you

How to Define Your Content Channels

  • Where are you going to publish content?
  • The difference between channels you own vs. lease

Tips to Help Build Your Foundation

  • What resources do you need?
  • How to set a schedule for your content

Getting it off the Ground

  • Tips for producing great content
  • How to not lose steam along the way

Ready to start creating content that does something? Watch the full replay below!

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