How to Incorporate Media Into Your Growing Business

It’s no secret that we live in an age of digital media. But, learning how to navigate the complex world of online content isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a large firm or a solopreneur, media opportunities are more important than ever to build credibility within the industry, create brand awareness, and help position yourself in an ideal market. Most importantly, developing a media strategy is an opportunity to establish your unique voice and share your specific expertise in an often crowded market. Digital media is our present and future. We have to be open to incorporating strategies into our businesses in a variety of ways. If you’re wondering exactly where to start, read on to explore various media opportunities and how to make them work for your brand, big time!

Types of Media Opportunities

As I work to develop a media strategy, I like to break it down into two basic categories of content creation and media outlets. Each approach has its benefits and it’s worth considering how they can both align with your business goals.

Content Creation

Simply put, content creation includes any form of digital media you create and publish yourself. This could include blogging, social media influencing, podcasting, video creation, and more! The major advantage of media creation is total creative control to share your message in your way. Instead of waiting for a media outlet to pick up your work, you can self-publish anytime—and on virtually any platform! This strategy is excellent for newbies and seasoned professionals alike. It allows you to curate messaging tailored specifically to your audience.

Media Outlets

This approach involves pitching to an already established outlet for a media opportunity. For example, submit your work to industry publications, ask to be interviewed on a podcast, or lend your expertise to be quoted in an article! While you won’t necessarily have creative control over the final product, working with established media outlets allows you to reach a significantly broader audience and heighten your brand awareness.

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Strategies For Each Media Approach

Content Creation

Taking the time to create your own content requires a bit more legwork but can lend to greater, long-term results. To get started, I recommend creating a marketing plan. Seek guidance from a PR or marketing firm or do your own detailed research before deciding what type of media to create. Remember, this is your business. Any content you create should be polished, professional, and have a defined purpose for your brand.

Media Outlets

To be successful with this media approach, you’ll want to form your well-written pitch! Make sure your pitch always includes:

  • Why you love that publication. Show that you’re a supporter of their work and do REAL research to demonstrate that you care about their mission. If you have a personal connection, be sure to mention that! This could be if you have a mutual friend or if you’re a user of their products or services.
  • A specific proposal. Provide three topics you can offer that will benefit their audience. Remember, this pitch should primarily be about how it benefits them, not the other way around. Whether it’s three relevant articles you could write, or areas of expertise you could discuss in an interview, be specific in your pitch and ensure it aligns with their content style. Keep in mind, if you do secure a large-scale media opportunity, it never hurts to have a written contract in place—Sprout Law is my go-to.

No matter which media strategy you pursue, the benefits to your business can be worth their weight in gold. Find an approach that works for you, and start establishing your voice within the wedding space. Best of luck—you’ve got this!

About the Author

Renée Sabo
Renée Sabo

With more than a decade of experience in the event industry, Renée Sabo knows exactly what it takes to design the wedding day her clients have always envisioned. Her career within the Boston event industry includes working with two luxury wedding planning firms, in addition to event roles at the Hyatt Regency Boston and the New England Aquarium. Today, Renée is the owner and lead wedding consultant of Urban Soirée, which provides full-service wedding planning to couples in the New England area and beyond. Her heart beats for intimate, ethereal, and timeless celebrations, and she’s been honored to receive numerous awards, including the NACE’s Best Wedding of the Year Award, Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice Award, and was voted as a ‘Top Wedding Planner’ by Boston’s A-List and a ‘Best Planner’ by ILEA Boston. In addition to Urban Soirée, Renée has a passion for educating aspiring wedding professionals and cultivating community within our industry. When she’s not working with brides and grooms-to-be, you can find Renée on her podcast, The Confetti Hour hosting candid conversations with the most inspiring guests, or at Everyday Creative coaching fellow small business owners. Renee resides in Greater Boston with her husband, Chris, and their sweet dachshund, Lincoln.

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