How to Make Your Aisle Planner Vendor Listing Attract Clients

Aisle Planner Wedding Vendor ListingsWe’re counting down the days to our next release here at APHQ and, in anticipation of launching a brand new wedding vendor marketplace, we wanted to share our tips to help you set up a listing that attracts the right clients – and converts! Read on and then log into your account to refine your vendor listing!

Haven’t set up your Aisle Planner vendor listing yet? Here are step-by-step instructions!  

Attract Clients with Strong Images

One of the easiest ways to make your listing catch the eye of potential clients is with a strong hero image. Why? Because not only is your hero image the first thing people see within your listing, it’s what appears in the marketplace when people are searching for wedding professionals in your area. So, pick a unique image that best represents your work and style to make people excited to learn more about you!

Pro-tipUse a high resolution image for your hero that is at least 1200px wide. You can also crop your hero image to 900 x 375px to make sure the image appears how you want it.

In addition to using a strong hero image to attract potential clients, the portfolio section of your vendor listing is another great place to entice them with photos. Upload a few of your strongest wedding galleries but also get creative. If you have great photos of you working with clients or vendors, create a portfolio that features them and use the description to talk about what it’s like working with you! Or, if you are known for something special, dedicate a portfolio to showcasing what’s unique about your business and services.

Attract Clients with Strong Copy

Even though we all know that potential clients are drawn to images like bees to honey, including a strong written description of your business, services, and portfolio can really be the the thing that convinces them to contact you. So, when you are writing the copy for your vendor listing, be sure to keep it concise, written in active voice, and speaking to your ideal client.

We shared more about these tips in a recent article about how to create an effective brochure. You can read more about them here.

Looking for an instant upgrade for your copywriting toolbox? Here are some words to work into your descriptions that have been shown to convert!

Wanted, Exclusive, Premier, Certified, Professional, Unparalleled, Helpful, Expert, Reliable, Limited dates available

Attract Clients with Features and Strong Reviews

Having your work featured in publications is a form of social proof for couples, so your vendor listing will showcase any wedding inspiration you’ve been featured in on Aisle Planner! And, if you’d like to build this section out, be sure to submit your work to us through our Publishing Platform!

But, perhaps more important than the social proof of featured work is the impact strong (but honest) reviews can have. Potential clients want to know what it’s like to work with you from other couples who already have, so after our next release you can start sending out requests for reviews to your former clients and professional partners. Once people complete the review, it’ll be included in your listing and you’ll have the ability to respond to it.

Attract Clients with a Strong First Impression

Making a strong first impression means not only will potential clients inquire but that they’ll really want to work with you. And, building out a strong vendor listing with images, copy, and reviews is made even better with a strong response. Since your listing is connected to your Lead Management Tools, you can set up your auto-responder so inquiring clients hear back from you right away!

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