Introducing Checklist Due Dates at the Template Level

Aisle Planner Checklist Due Dates

When it comes to your planning process, there are certain things that you just know need to happen at a very specific time. So today, we are excited to announce that our wedding Checklist Templates are more flexible than ever because now you can set due dates on tasks as well as reminders at the template level!

How to Set Due Dates in Checklist Templates

Click on Templates in the menu of your Planner Dashboard and the first screen you see will be your Project Templates. Click on the Project Template you’d like to work in and then click Edit Checklist. When you are in the Checklist and want to add a due date to a task, click on the timeframe and small modal will pop up giving you the option to set one. You can set a due date for any number of days before, on or after the event date.

Need a few ideas on what to set due dates to?

Before the EventDepending on how long before the wedding or event date you like to receive all of your RSVPs, start by assigning a due date for that and then work backwards from there to decide on due dates for sending save the dates, ordering stationery, addressing envelopes, and popping them in the mail. You should also set due dates on your internal workflow (think sending welcome kits and completing onboarding tasks).

After the EventIf you always mean to get a thank you card in the mail 30 days after the wedding and/or have a specific closeout process for your events, set a due date and reminder in your Checklist Template!

Things to Note About Checklist Template Due Dates

  • You can also set a reminder for the due date for any number of days, weeks, or months in advance
  • In order to get a reminder notification, you must set a due date
  • The due dates and reminders at the template level are based on the event date

As always, if you have any questions about our new features, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can check out our FAQs in our help center here or reach us at

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Christina Farrow

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