Introducing Lead Contact Forms

Engagement season is still a ways away but we wanted to make sure that this next one was your easiest yet. So today, we are very excited to introduce you to our new Lead Contact Form feature! The days of manually entering lead information are gone –  our Lead Contact Forms are easy to set up and put your booking process on the road to automation.

Booking season…we’re ready for ya!

Aisle Planner Lead Capture Form

Customize Your Referral Sources and Services

We know you’re excited to dive right into customizing your Lead Contact Form but, this is where to start. Your referral sources and services are fields in the form so, you want to kick things off by making sure that your options are up to date. To customize your referral sources and service types click on Leads in the menu of your Project Dashboard and then click into any lead in your Lead Manager. (If you do not have any open leads, click Add Lead to access and edit these fields.)

Scroll down to the General Information section in the lead record and you’ll find both the Lead Source and Service Type fields there. To manage each list, click on the arrow on the right hand side of the box next to “Lead Source” or “Service Type.” A modal will open where you can add or delete items in the list.

Pro-tip: All of the Lead Sources or Service Types you see on these lists will show in your Lead Contact Forms so, make sure these are both “camera ready.”

When you are finished managing these fields, click Done in the modal and Done in the Lead Record to exit out.

Aisle Planner Lead Capture Form

Editing Your Lead Contact Form

After you have managed your lead sources and service types, you’re ready to set up your Lead Contact Form! To access the form, click on Branding in the menu of your Project Dashboard and then on Lead. Once you are on the Lead Form page, you can (and should):

  • Customize your Lead Contact Form url
  • Write a welcome message (this will appear below your logo and above the form fields)
  • Upload your logo in the form preview section

Pro-tip: To put your lead contact form on your website simply copy your custom url (example url: and link it to or on your contact or inquiries page!

Aisle Planner Lead Capture Form

To publish your Lead Contact Form, simply check the box next to “Publish Page” when you are ready. Uncheck that box to un-publish your Lead Contact Form at any time.

A Few Notes About Our Lead Contact Forms

  • Any inquiry that comes your way via the lead contact form will automatically be added to your lead manager
  • When an new inquiry is submitted, you’ll receive an email with all the details. This way, you know whether each lead is one you want to respond to quickly (big budget, full service prospect) or if there’s no rush (tinier than tiny budget, full service prospect)
  • If the inquiry includes a message, it will be documented into the general Note area of a lead record

As always, if you have any questions about our new features, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can check out our FAQs in our help center here or reach us at

About the Author

Christina Farrow
Christina Farrow

As Aisle Planner’s President and Founder, Christina Farrow spends her days dreaming up ways to empower wedding professionals to lead more balanced (and more organized) lives. She loves few things more than her toes in the sand, a glass of champagne and the promise of a great adventure with hubby, daughter and Caucasian Shepherd pup by her side.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Lead Contact Forms”

  1. Mariam says:

    Can I also use the lead feature offline at Bridal fairs?

    1. Tayler Cusick Hollman Tayler Cusick Hollman says:


      Yes! Just open up a tab with your lead capture form URL and you are good to go! Everything will still land in your lead management tool!

  2. Oh I love this! I’ll have to work on this today, this will make things so much easier. I have been working hours daily to begin streamlining my work flow for the office. Thanks for all of the hard work, we adore Aisle Planner!

    1. Tayler Cusick Hollman Tayler Cusick Hollman says:

      Fantastic! Please let us know if you ever need any help, we’re here for you!

  3. Abigail says:

    Is there an HTML code that we can put on our site so that the lead gen form is ON our site instead of having to have our folks click away from our site to this lead gen form on yours?

    1. Tayler Cusick Hollman Tayler Cusick Hollman says:

      Good morning Abigail! Since the information that is entered into the lead capture form automatically creates a lead in your lead manager in Aisle Planner, building the tool like we did was the most flexible for everyone. We do love the idea of having an embed code and it has been discussed; I’ll pass your request along to have it noted!

      1. I’m so disappointed that it cannot be embedded into my website. I was SO ready to do this, but I do not want to create an extra step for potential clients to have to take.

        17 hats has an embedded code AND they automatically send the leads to the lead manager in your dashboard there, so it is possible.

        Will look forward to AP adding this as a feature as I’m hoping to fully make the switch to AP but there are a still a few things I find easier to use with 17 hats 🙂

      2. Tayler Cusick Hollman Tayler Cusick Hollman says:

        Hi Meagan! Thank you for your honest feedback! We are always striving to make our tools as powerful and flexible as they can be so, your input is very important to us.

        We have had people successfully embed the lead capture forms; embedding does not currently work on every platform so, that’s why we leave that suggestion out. If you would like to chat more about about that, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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