Change Your Booking Game with Lead Checklist Templates

New Feature: Changing Your Booking Game with Lead Checklist Templates

We’re in the business of details. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we often feel like we’re swimming in a sea of them. We memorize the names of our clients’ VIP guests and their special needs. We rattle off chair styles and linen colors at the drop of a hat. Average time from plating to service? Yeah, we got that. Getting to know your leads, understanding their vision for their event and gathering those critical details to put you in the best position to booking new clients starts long before your first face-to-face. Having an efficient and effective process ensures the relationship with your new client gets off on the very best foot and you deliver an event they’ll never forget. Our latest addition to our suite of Client Management tools is designed to help you do just that. Without further ado, we introduce you to Custom Lead Checklists.

Never miss a beat in your booking process.

You might be a little punk rock. Your assistant, business partner or favorite local floral designer, on the other hand, might be more folk. Likewise, workflows vary from by pro, event style, and even by specialized service. The desired outcomes for each of them, however, are still the same: work smarter, stay organized and close the deal. No matter your organizational style or differences between each of your individual services or products, our Custom Lead Checklist feature allows you to create workflows that meet your methods while keeping you up to date on where each of your leads are in the booking process.

Make the process of booking new clients effortless and get your events off to a great start with our customizable Lead Checklist Templates.

Pro Tip: Workflows are imperative to meeting deadlines and managing time effectively. Check out this helpful article on how to make sure your workflow is truly working for you!

When it comes to booking new clients, one size does not fit all.

If you’re like many in the industry, you offer an array of services or products that play to your expertise or to appeal to a wider range of prospective clients. Each new event or project comes with its own unique set of deliverables and budgets. Your processes for engaging leads and booking new clients with different needs, likewise, may be as varied as the events themselves. With the Custom Lead Checklist feature, you can build as many unique lead workflows as you need to focus your booking workflow for each. This makes them and, therefore, you, more effective. It saves you that precious time in getting your leads from “Hello!” to “Let’s do this!”

Make the process of booking new clients effortless and get your events off to a great start with our customizable Lead Checklist Templates.

Those sweet flexibility feels.

Having the perfect template ready to plug in for every new client and event style isn’t realistic. Besides, we’re not in this business of “standard”. We work to create every element of beautiful affairs that share the wonderful and rare personalities of each of our clients. Therefore, you require the ability to put solid workflow foundations in place and the flexibility to make adjustments to craft the ideal journey from inquiry to booked. Just like your project checklist templates, you can populate new leads with your own lead checklist templates. Then add, edit or delete tasks as you need. You can also add specific details within tasks and reorder them with a simple drag and drop. You can even set due dates to tasks based on the date your lead first hits your inbox or the date you manually entered them into your lead manager.

Make the process of booking new clients effortless and get your events off to a great start with our customizable Lead Checklist Templates.

Organization is the key to thriving amidst the chaos. Yes, we love the fast pace, decisions on a dime and pulling off those last-minute fixes that would even shock MacGyver.  Making sure we get the right info and keeping track of the details is as integral to booking new clients as it is to executing events that wow. Our Lead Checklist Templates feature is yet another innovative tool designed to empower you, make your processes more effective and streamline your business. For more information on Lead Checklist Templates and tips to help you get started on building yours, visit our Help Center!

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