LVL Academy: A Recap of the Summer Wedding Planner Worshop

It takes a couple things to be a successful wedding planner. You have to love working with people and be able to handle the responsibility of planning a very important day for them. You need to be patient, have grit, and let your creativity run wild sometimes. You have to build a tribe of trusted partners. You have to make investments in the tools and resources you need to keep yourself at the top of your game.

And, one of the best investments you can make in yourself and in your business is education! We love LVL Academy for lots of reasons (catching up with Heather and Lindsay, meeting wedding planners from around the world, and the food – let’s not forget about that!) but by far, we love it because we get  to sit in on 3 days of learning with the mission of elevating not only the careers of each attendee but the industry as a whole.

So today, I am excited to share some of my favorite moments from the summer LVL Academy wedding planner workshop! Scroll on to see them all!

I had the pleasure of speaking at Academy for the sixth time! I wore my fanciest pants to celebrate the occasion and talked about the unique ways I personally use Aisle Planner’s business management and planning tools to keep myself and my projects organized.

Aisle Planner LVL Academy Wedding Planner Workshop
All images courtesy Lorely Meza

This year, Heather and Lindsay put together an amazing wedding planner panel so the attendees could get a more diverse perspective on what it takes to be a successful wedding planner. Brooke of Brooke Keegan Special Events, Troy of Backup Backdrops, and (from our very own AP community) Jason of The Rheefined Company and Heather of Amorology rounded out the rockstar panel!

LVL Academy also welcomed back The Sketchbook Series! Mary flew down for Day 2 and taught a mini-workshop to help attendees learn how to better communicate their creative ideas to clients through sketches.

And, because Heather and Lindsay believe in the importance of hands-on learning,  LVL Academy always has a great line up of breakout sessions scheduled! This year, attendees learned how to properly set a table (as well as the most popular napkin folds) from Carizza of 24 Carrots Catering, how to tie a neck and bow tie from Friar Tux, plus how to make an pin a boutonniere, how to master a floral mock up, how to run a wedding ceremony, and got tips about how to get published from Two Bright Lights!

But let’s not forget everyone’s favorite – learning how to cut a wedding cake!

I so enjoyed getting to spend 3 days with each of these ladies – learning all about them, their goals, and all of the great things they have planned!

Aisle Planner LVL Academy Wedding Planner Workshop

Want to join the ranks of the more than 100 wedding planners who are working to elevate their own careers as well as the entire industry? The next LVL Academy wedding planner workshop is November 6-8th! Snag yourself a seating using the code AISLEPLANNER200 for $200 off your registration at!


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