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You’ve worked hard to build your business, so we know how important it is for all of your documents to be consistent with your brand. Our updated Branding Center, which you’ll find in your Planner Dashboard, enables you to do just that: build brand consistency by creating your very own custom company emails, custom company log in page, as well as company stationery for all downloads in Aisle Planner.


Email Branding
Enhance your client experience from the moment you invite them into their wedding on Aisle Planner with branded email designs that are completely custom to your business. Upload your company logo and personalize your email notifications to keep your brand (and not ours) front and center for each and every client interaction that happens through Aisle Planner.


Personal Branded Log In Pages
Continue a personalized client experience with your company’s very own custom branded Log in Page.

Print Branding
Add your logo, set your print margins and personalize your stationery to suit your preferences. Add your name, website and phone number to the footer, or add timestamps and page numbers to help make sense of the madness that could happen with multiple pages and multiple versions that you’re likely to download throughout the planning process for any given wedding.

We’ll be adding more opportunities to infuse your brand into our planning and design tools in the months to come, but in the meantime, go on, log in to your Aisle Planner Pro account and take advantage of our newest feature.

Need help setting up your company stationery or email in Aisle Planner? We’re here to help!
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Christina Farrow
Christina Farrow

As Aisle Planner’s President and Founder, Christina Farrow spends her days dreaming up ways to empower wedding professionals to lead more balanced (and more organized) lives. She loves few things more than her toes in the sand, a glass of champagne and the promise of a great adventure with hubby, daughter and Caucasian Shepherd pup by her side.

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