New Download Options: Aisle Planner + Your Planning Binder = Happily Ever After

“The event binder is pretty much the sum total of every ounce of work we’ve put into creating something amazing for our clients. It’s our greatest triumph—and all too often, our biggest headache.”
J. Damany Daniel, The Event Nerd

I couldn’t have said this any better than J. Damany Daniel, in a special session presentation at this year’s The Special Event earlier this year.  My love affair with my event binders goes way back over 15 years ago to the first wedding I ever planned. Everything. Perfectly. Organized. Not just in any binder, but a beautiful white leather binder filled with a gorgeous golden tabs that kept me sane and the hundreds of details safe (we’ll talk about the time I lost my event binder in another blog post!).

Over the years, I relied on my client binders to plan and facilitate my events, and while technology (and of course, Aisle Planner) has worked wonders to help me to stay even more organized, work more efficiently and collaborate with my vendors and clients easier than ever before, there’s just something about my event book that I’m not ready to give up just yet, and I’m pretty sure that many of you are in the same boat.

So we’ve made it easier for binders and your digital workspace in Aisle Planner to work better together and happily coexist with all new download options, so you can stop stressing about giving up your beautiful binders and and truly enjoy the best of both worlds.


Here’s a quick recap of all download options now available in Aisle Planner:

Download your planning checklist, with the option to include any details you may have added to your wedding checklist items.

Download your master timeline as well as any of the filtered timelines you may have created for your clients or vendors.

Design Studio
Download everything from a style guide to a color palette, with the option to still share these via email, directly from Aisle Planner.

Download the final wedding guest list report in PDF format, your Bridal Party/Immediate Family contact list and an overall guest spreadsheet. We’ve also added more information to this spreadsheet for guest details you’re already tracking within the wedding guest list manager.

Download individual vendor details sheets in PDF that include everything from notes, contact information, vendor requirements and payment recaps. You can also download your vendor contact list for easy reference on the wedding day.

Download the budget in PDF.

Download a PDF of each note, with the option to still share any of your notes via email, directly from Aisle Planner.

Vendor Library
Download all of your vendor Vcards.

Transitioning your planning process into on online project management system like Aisle Planner and having one place to stay organized in a collaborative environment brings many benefits to anyone in our business who is looking to spend more time doing the things they love, instead of the busy work. But if you’re not ready to take the leap into the big wide paperless world 100%, we’ve still got you covered. Did we hear a sign of relief? We thought so!

About the Author

Christina Farrow
Christina Farrow

As Aisle Planner’s President and Founder, Christina Farrow spends her days dreaming up ways to empower wedding professionals to lead more balanced (and more organized) lives. She loves few things more than her toes in the sand, a glass of champagne and the promise of a great adventure with hubby, daughter and Caucasian Shepherd pup by her side.

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