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As wedding professionals, client gifts are a great way to add something extra personal to the services we offer. We are, after all, a huge part of their Big Day—and we can add to the celebration by offering them a little something thoughtful, no matter how big or small. Gifts are a great way to show couples how much their business means to us—and they’re also a great way to set your business apart from the rest. By investing in our current clients, after all, we get recommendations for future clients. Below, then, we’ve broken down our ultimate gift guide for wedding-planning clients. Get ready to score some serious points with your couples, planners—we’ve rounded up all sorts of tips, tricks and goodies today!

*In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links, which means we may get commissions if you decide to purchase anything from any of these companies. We only recommend products that we love ourselves and that we think you’ll love, too.

Branding Your Client Gifts

Before we dive into client gift ideas, we wanted to touch on some fun ways to brand your packages with your company logo and colors (which is always a good idea as long as you don’t go overboard). We definitely recommend ordering a custom logo stamp to use throughout your welcome package, on stationary, and on client gifts. A custom stamp will save you money on printing and they are such a fun, thoughtful way to add a custom touch to pretty much any surface.

Try pattern-stamping solid gift wrap paper or even plain craft paper before for wrapping client gifts (cut the amount you need, weigh down its corners on a flat surface, stamp the paper with your logo in a pattern of your choice, and let dry a bit before wrapping). You can also order these fun, bubbly circle cards and/or simple manilla tags from Paper Source to stamp with your logo before attaching them to gifts and welcome packages if ordering fully branded stationery is out of your budget.

Something to Say Welcome

When a client first signs on with you, their excitement is probably at an all-time high. They just got engaged and they have a rockstar wedding planner (hello, YOU) to plan their perfect celebration, after all. We love the idea of keeping this excitement going (and giving them a little motivation for the planning process), with a welcome package. In addition to the pre-printed, let’s-get-down-to-business parts of the welcome package (a what-to-expect note, your team’s business cards, etc.), we love the idea of including a personalized welcome letter. A handwritten note on pretty, custom stationery always makes a great impact. Paper Source has beautiful personalized stationery options, or you can even order plain notecards from them in your company colors and stamp them with that custom logo stamp you ordered earlier (remember?).

If you like the idea of (and have the budget for) including a gift with your welcome package, we like the idea of putting together a gift of a few of your favorite things from local shops. It can be anything from a bag of local coffee beans and biscotti from your favorite local bakery or a few stems from your favorite florist (who you’ll be referring them to).

Something for the Wedding

If you’d rather wait to gift something to your clients until before the wedding, we like the idea of getting them something they’ll use for the Big Day that you know they don’t have. Since the newlyweds will likely have tons of thank-you cards to write after their stunning soirée, try ordering them a custom address stamp from Paper Source, or even a custom embosser.

So many couples also don’t think about carving sets for the cake cutting, so if you know your clients are just using something basic from the venue for their cake cutting, why not order them a set as a thank-you gift for using your services? Opt for this gold-dipped cake cutting set or this this marble and copper set for the sleek-and-chic couple, this super gorgeous gold ‘Tree Blossom’ carving set for the sweet romantics, and this ‘Gilded Branch’ set or this carved wooden set for the earthy duo.

Something Custom

Getting clients custom gifts can also be a fun idea—and it can really feel like you went the extra mile. If your couple used a certain piece of artwork (a custom illustration of them, a custom monogram, etc.) throughout the wedding, why not commemorate this somehow? You can order a small print of the artwork and frame it for their home, or even have it printed on a canvas.

We also love this personalized champagne bottle flower vase from Uncommon Goods—it’s gorgeous and feels so celebratory. Or, opt for a custom tote with their hometown on it or this Venn Diagram cutting board for the quirky couple who loves to cook. You can also use a photograph from the couple’s Big Day as a custom gift to send them after their wedding. Printed and placed in a simple pressed copper picture frame from BHLDN, you can’t go wrong.

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