Pressed for Success: Personal Presentation, Packaged with Confidence

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Confidence is the memory of success. We all want to be successful and question what we need to do to reach our goals, but we never stop to think about the power of confidence. We have to believe that we’re capable of greatness in order to achieve it. The best way to build confidence is through preparation and personal presentation. You are your image and your brand, from your outward appearance to your radiating aura. Fashion makes a statement but so does your body language, attitude, and overall health. You can’t feel confident without feeling good on the inside. Some things are easier said than done but with a little practice we can all be on our way to packaging and presenting our best selves.

Who is your audience and what is your focus? How do you want to brand yourself for them? All of the following elements to packaging yourself involve some reflection as each category can be tailored towards your unique audience. Are you meeting with a wedding professional, a client, or a vendor? Is it a regular day in the office or are you onsite at a wedding? Each profession has its own standards for presentation and each professional has their own vision. You have the freedom to choose how you want to present yourself but be cognizant of remaining professional and consistent to your brand.

Fashion Matters

Edgy, chic, modern, clean, trendy, classic. What kind of style and image do you want to portray? However you may classify your fashion, it is important to be aware of what your clothing says about you because it’s communicating something about you at all times. Research shows that what you wear can influence your ability to perform well and to think critically and creatively. Formal clothing increases your confidence and improves the way others perceive you. It also impacts how you feel about yourself. Always choose pieces that make you feel good and that are professional but still align with who you are.

Color: Develop a basic foundation of professional clothing pieces in colors like white, black, gray, and navy. Then, add pops of color to brighten your outfits. Have fun and incorporate bold colors that make you stand out. Choose colors that are flattering for your complexion. For example, medium skin tones are complimented by jewel tones.

Fit: Always make sure that your clothes fit you well. If they’re too big, you run the risk of looking sloppy and if they’re too tight, it may look unprofessional or unflattering. Get to know your body type and explore styles that are flattering for you. Wear what celebrates you!

Condition: Although you don’t have to own high end brands to look professional, ensure that your clothing and shoes are well kept. Wrinkle free and clean clothes that are in good shape can definitely add to a professional aesthetic.

Accessories: Even how you accessorize can communicate a message. Watches represent someone who cares about timeliness. Necklaces, ties, heels, scarves, shoes. Each extra piece can elevate your brand and further your interpersonal relationships.


First impressions can make or break any scenario. According to research, speech only makes up 20 to 30% of communication. So, what is your body saying?  We always want to put our best foot forward and literally be purposeful with our body language. Present yourself as a confident business person by considering the following tips:

Body language: Hand gestures, shoulder and head movements, and the direction your body is facing mean something unique. Make sure that your speech and gestures are congruent. If you want to emphasize what you are saying, allow your body to mirror that.

Posture: There’s a difference between slouching over and keeping your shoulders back and body straight up. Find a happy medium where your posture is professional but also relaxed.

Attitude: The way you carry yourself is largely attributed to your attitude. What kinds of facial expressions are you most prone to making? What tone of voice are you using? Be present and genuine in all of your professional interactions.

Physical Contact: Asses the relationship and situation. Gage your proximity to others to ensure that everyone is at a comfortable distance. A firm handshake is professional while a hug may not be. Even if you have reached a personal level where you feel hugging is appropriate, always keep your audience and your brand in mind.

Health and Wellness

How you maintain your personal presentation through hygiene and well being is a significant measure of your life and your business. This is a matter of taking care of your outward appearance and your own health. You represent the services you are providing. If you seem exhausted, unkempt, and grumpy, this sends a negative message about the quality of your services. Most of all, maintaining good hygiene and health helps increase personal and client satisfaction.

Cleanliness: Bathing regularly is a must! Brush your teeth, groom your hair, and upkeep your nails. Use any other products that keep you fresh (deodorant, lotion, perfume etc.) Be wary of not over doing it with fragrances since too much is also unprofessional.

Sleep: You need at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. This is a nonnegotiable. Sleep is so important for your health and overall mood. You will function at your highest and collaborate much more efficiently if you are well rested.

Nutrition: Being an events professional means that sometimes you will have weekend events with long hours back to back and no scheduled lunch or dinner breaks. It’s crucial to take some time for yourself and eat. Not eating for long periods of time can build destructive habits and lead to poor health and illnesses. Drink plenty of water, keep a well-balanced diet and always bring snacks with you to eat throughout the day.

Mental Health: Find methods to unwind and de-stress when you are not at work. This will unclutter your mind and allow you to feel refreshed. Preparation leads to the best personal presentation.

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