Confidence in Pitching an Idea

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Pitching an idea to a client, big or small, is an exciting step in the planning and design process. It allows us to not only enhance their experiences but help us to challenge ourselves and raise the business bar. Understanding your clients’ priorities will help you determine what ideas they’ll gravitate toward. In turn, this will help build your confidence in pitching new and unique ideas. Concepts can come in the form of new experiences – an artist who live paints the scene on site, unique artisan cocktail service, or place settings with new rentals and an elevated presentation. Clients look to us and our expertise to seek out fresh, unique offerings to set their experiences apart. So, be confident and give ’em all you’ve got!

Understand Your Goals

You could be pitching a concept for an interactive cocktail hour with roaming oyster shuckers and live action musicians or actors. Or, you could simply be sharing design concepts in the form of an in-person mock-up. In either case, knowing what your clients envision for their big day is crucial. If they’re low-key and want a subdued reception, then pitching the idea of a grand stage with a band won’t likely yield the response you’re looking for. If your clients are big time foodies, then consider how you can elevate their wedding through innovative and unexpected food stations at each turn, starting with the minutes their guests arrive. Listening early on will help you to refine cool ideas to pitch.

School’s in Session: Do Your Homework

Create a presentation. Depending on the client and complexity of their event, this can be a virtual display, PDF, inspiration board or a mock-up where they can touch and feel the elements. Leave no detail out. Know exactly what your ideas will cost, if the venue will them and the logistics required to pull them off. We work hard to understand our clients’ dreams and expectations. Equally importantly, we strive to create an environment where decision making is made easy.

Did You Know?  With customized permissions settings, everyone you’ve involved in the planning process can have the ability to create, label and categorize style guides and color palettes in Aisle Planner’s Design Studio. You can upload photos from your computer desktop, file sharing sites or directly from the Inspiration Galleries on Aisle Planner. Once you’ve uploaded images into a style guide, you can use these images to create color palettes that helps you communicate specific color details in real time with gorgeous (and specific) visuals. It’ll surely get everyone’s creative juices flowing and keep everyone involved on the same page!

Pro Tip: Take a peek at this Design Studio tutorial video that leads you step by step through the ideation process and gives you some ideas on how to best arrange colors for an outstanding event!

Show Your Excitement by Sharing in Theirs

Clients love when their creative team is excited about pitching an idea and is on board to try something new. Show your confidence in your creativity and get behind what you’re pitching. Your confidence will catch on, making it a win-win for everyone!

At the End of the Day, Deliver

Pitching an idea with confidence can be so much fun for creatives. It’s also a bit daunting if you aren’t sure how it will unfold. Establishing parameters for new concepts and ideas, and planning for every contingency will help for a smooth delivery. Deliver on your idea. Work to exceed your clients’ expectations. This will only make it easier for future clients and other professionals to get on board with your next big idea. They’ll know you knocked it out of the park and will be confident in you to do it time and time again!

Seattle-based Valley & Company was founded by husband and wife Aleah and Nick in 2003, and they provide innovative planning, design, and floral for beautiful and FUN storied weddings and parties. Serving clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, they pride themselves on telling telling their clients’ stories crafting moments that are fun and perfectly you. Check out their Aisle Planner listing and follow them @valleyandco!

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