Signs You Need a Rebrand (and Signs You Don’t)

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Ah, the rebrand. It is one of those projects that is easy to love and hate at the same time. From the creative highs of collecting all the inspiration to the creative lows of feeling like the twentieth draft still isn’t just right, a rebrand is a huge (and emotional) undertaking. So for everyone out there who is thinking about updating their brand, we wanted to talk through some of the signs you are definitely in camp #rebrand as well as reasons you should hold off. Read on to find out if it’s the right time for you!

Signs You Need to Consider Updating Your Brand

1. Your Goals or Strategies Have Changed

If you have made significant changes to your business strategy, it would be wise to re-evaluate your branding as well. A shift in strategy or goals likely means you have been struggling to connect with your ideal client and/or you are trying to connect with a new audience. Either way, your visual brand should be an asset that helps you achieve your goals – not a liability.

2. You Outgrew Your Brand

When you have built a successful business, there comes a time when you are likely to have outgrown the branded outfit you started in. Years of success means that you are more confident about being a business owner, have a pulse on where you need to be putting your brand in order to book new clients as well as have worked to evolve and refine every piece of your business machine. Because of that, the type of person who is your ideal client has likely “grown up” a bit too. Perhaps even the vendors and creative partners you work with have as well. So, if you have ever felt embarrassed to hand out business cards or direct someone to your website, think of ways you could refine your brand visuals to match the level you worked to hard to get to.

3. You Have a Direct Competitor with a Similar Brand

Pretty much no one wants to be confused with a direct competitor. So, if you have had potential clients confuse you with someone else, that is a branding red flag. But before you break the emergency glass and frantically call your favorite designer, be sure to do some research to ensure that your new brand will be unmistakably yours.

Things You Think are Signs You Should Rebrand but Aren’t

  • Shifts in trends – Trends a lot of are fun but if you chase them within your branding, you’ll need to rebrand once that trend is no longer en vogue
  • You can’t get clients to book you – You might be tempted to dive straight into a new logo but start by looking at your pricing, competition, and services before you blame it on your brand
  • Lot’s of people around you are doing it – Peer pressure (direct or indirect) is never a reason to overhaul your brand. If you are itching for a design project, update your portfolio on your website or design yourself some new marketing collateral instead

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