Spring Cleaning Your Office Space: Five Simple Tips to Get You Started

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Spring cleaning is not exactly the sexiest thing—but, you have to admit, it does feel especially great to finally take care of that year-old to-do pile or finally organize that unbelievably epic junk drawer (you know which one we’re talking about). With May coming to a close, then, we wanted to offer up some last-minute tips and tricks for all of those late-blooming spring cleaners out there. Not to fear, planners—there’s still time to get that office in order before summer rears its head.

Start With That Pile

We all have one. That pile. The one that you’ve been adding to every single week for the past year. The one where you throw those photographs you’ve been meaning to frame and those receipts you need to keep but didn’t have the energy to file. If you’re anything like us (aka busy and tired and in need of wine), by the time May rolls around that pile of yours is pretty darn high. There’s no more rewarding spring cleaning task than to tackle that never-ending pile, so we say: start there. It may seem daunting—but chances are it won’t take nearly as long as you think, and you’ll feel like a new person once you lay eyes on all of that desk real estate you’ve freed up. Set aside a few hours, tackle things one by one, and learn to let go of things you don’t truly need. The key to clearing the pile is to force yourself to put away everything—so, if you don’t have time to frame those photos, buy a photobox and file them away. Find, or make, a place for everything. Use portable file storage boxes, archival boxes and drawer sets to help you along your way.

File, File, File

A good filing system is so key when it comes to getting things up and off of your desk. We are head over heels for these super functional elfa Mesh File Carts from The Container Store (the drawers underneath the hanging file folders are especially useful for getting random odds and ends off of your desk). Plus, for archives and files you don’t need access to, you can roll the carts out of sight and store them in a closet or storage room. Need something a little more heavy duty? Try the Container Store’s Bisley 2- and 3-Drawer Locking Filing Cabinet. Available in festive hues like bright aqua and saturated red, they also add a colorful pop to your office or studio space.

Get Your Cords Under Control

Do you get stressed just glancing under your desk? With desktop and printer and wireless router and cable cords—not to mention chargers for phones and laptops, a great way to free up some real estate on that crowded desk is to take control of your cords. The Container Store’s Hanging Cable Loft Cord Organizer is a smart option for wrapping multiple cords and storing them out of sight—and we also love these mini cable catches for keeping those charging cords from tangling or getting caught in the wheels of your desk chair. And, of course, GearTie Twist Ties are an absolute must for anyone looking to manage their cord situation.

Get Strategic with Wall Space

All too often we forget about the seriously valuable real estate that our office walls provide—don’t overlook this space when you’re spring cleaning and looking for ways to free up some desk space. This Cascading 6-Pocket Wall Organizer is such a great solution for getting loose papers off your desk while keeping them within arm’s reach—and we also love this elfa Utility Board for storing everything from scissors to staplers. (If your office has a door, we also like the idea of using this elfa Mesh Door Rack to free up some desk space.)

Invest in One Big Ticket Item

We all have one thing we need to help make organization easier. Maybe your desk is old and small and just not functional anymore. Maybe you need a massive bookshelf to replace that tiny one you’ve been overstuffing for years. Take inventory of your office and decide what that one major item you need is. It might be something small, too—like a shredder or a simple shelving system. The key is to invest in the one single item that will provide the most benefit for your office space.


Overall, spring cleaning is all about being strategic with your time, finding products that work for you and getting creative with the space you have available. We also tend to think it goes down easiest with a good glass of wine and some fresh air (so open a window while you work!). Cheers, Planners, to finally getting that office space under control and ready for wedding season!

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