Streamline Your Process In 3 Easy Steps

Ask anyone who’s owned their own business for quite some time, and they will tell you that if you don’t control your business, your business will surely control you. Many wedding pros come up with a vision for their brand and develop a brand identity. For too many, unfortunately, it stops there. The critical “last mile” is missed. No matter your expertise or level of professional experience, it’s crucial to take a hard look at the processes required to achieve that brand identity and your corresponding customer experience, and maintain them consistently.

Here are three easy steps to streamline your planning process to achieve customer-oriented service consistently:

1. You Have To Want To Change

We’re sure plenty of your colleagues have told you there are countless ways to streamline your process. Your world can be crumbling around you, but unless you understand why you need to “work smarter, not harder” and commit to it, all of that advice is no good. Work with a mentor or close industry partner and hammer out a list of benefits to streamlining your processes. Look at why finding efficiencies will be important to your business. Your list might include everything from being able to book more clients or increase your price point, to having more family or personal time.

2. Break It Down

It’s time for that deep dive. Take a good look at your process. Start at the beginning when you receive a client inquiry. End beyond the end of the wedding day when you’re off-boarding your client and asking for that all-important review. Create a detailed list of your step-by-step process. Script it out in chronological order and break it out into logical categories: inquiry, booking, planning, wedding day, or whatever organizational structure makes sense to you. Focus on finding the best way to detailing your steps to make them all more manageable.

3. Polish Up The Diamond

If the first and second steps of the process have your wheels turning, you’re bound to win the streamlining battle. You should have an excellent idea of your brand, your ideal client, and what their experience should look like. Go back through your detailed process notes and attack each section. Do the notes lead to the experience you want your ideal client to have? Adding in notes to improve the experience will help you develop a plan of action. Even if your newly minted and ultra-efficient processes come naturally to you, having the detail to back it up will help you to continue to refine it and make it that much easier to pass along to each and every team member you bring on board as your business grows.

Aisle Planner has provided you with a number of the tools to aid you in the implementation of your plan. Everything from lead checklist forms to document and email templates are right at your fingertips. Working smarter and not harder, and streamlining your processes will not only lead to happier clients but more engaged clients who will become raving fans.

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