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How do I add an invoice to a vendor record?

You can add an invoice for a vendor from the CONTACTS tool or the BUDGET tool. To add from the Contacts tool:

1) Click through to the vendor you’d like to add/track an invoice for, then click the gold ADD TO CONTACT button on the top left of your screen and select INVOICE & PAYMENTS.

2) Follow the prompts to choose your category and if you want it synced to the budget, and then click ENTER INVOICE. Here, you can enter the invoice amount, payments and due dates. We’ll automatically sync due dates to your calendar, and the person designated as the lead planner will receive automatic reminders when a payment is coming up!

3) Be sure to mark the checkbox if the balance for this invoice might change based on final counts. This way, we know to remind you to double check numbers for the final payment.

4) As the lead planner, once you receive a payment reminder, we’ll also create a task to make the payment, assigned to you. You can reassign this to your client (once you’ve confirmed the payment and information is accurate) and they’ll get notified!

5)You can also add invoices from budget line items by hovering over any of the categories and clicking the “+ add invoice” button, and follow the steps above.

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