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Are Online Payment Fees Charged to the Client or the Planner?

Stripe, our payment processor, automatically deducts their fee from the total amount paid, and the remainder is deposited into your account.

Currently, we don’t have the capability to charge the payer for the credit card fee, but many of the planners we’ve talked to will add an additional “handling fee”  or “convenience charge” on their invoice for any couples paying by credit card or ACH to cover any additional costs that come with accepting online payments.  Others will factor in merchant service fees into their service price, and then offer a discount for anyone paying by check or cash.

It’s also worth noting that the law may vary by state in regards to charging fees in business transactions.  For example, in many states, we’ve learned that it is against the law for a company to upcharge or charge a surcharge or convenience fee for a customer who pays with a credit card or ACH, so you might want to do some quick research in your area to see what’s acceptable by law.

Based on initial research, we’ve seen that a business can add on a “handling fee” but not a “processing fee” to an invoice, and there’s all sorts of additional regulations that may go with it.

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