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Can I create my own custom timeline template?

Yes! For┬átimeline templates, you can edit our existing timeline, or use our default timeline template to create your own template to import them into any event and jump start your timeline creation process. You can create as many timeline templates as you’d like, for the different types of events you plan.

To create your timeline template:

1. Visit the TEMPLATES section on your planner dashboard.


2. Once in templates, you’ll see TIMELINE TEMPLATES towards the right. Make a copy of our default template, open the copy and rename this template accordingly, so you can easily reference your timeline when it’s time to import it into an event. Click to edit, and customize from there!


3. Click the gold DONE button on the top left when you are finished.

Now that you’ve set up your timeline, you’ll be able to import your timeline template into any event.

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