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Can I invite the Mother of the Bride to access a wedding, without letting her see the budget?

Our user-based privacy and permission settings allow you to provide limited access as needed. To invite a user and edit their privacy settings:

  1. From within the wedding, click on PLANNING PARTNERS on the top right of your screen and then click the gold ADD CLIENT button.
  2. Enter in her email, name, and role and click ADD CLIENT.
  3. Next, under her name, click on “Full Client Access” and on the expanded menu, click “No Access” next to Budget. You may also want to click “No Access” next to Vendors if you are storing invoices in the vendor records.
  4. Next, click the link that says “send invite”. She will receive an email inviting her to create a free adjoining account in Aisle Planner, and she won’t have access to any areas that you’ve restricted her access to.
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