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Where can I upload a site or event layout?

While we have yet to build out our own layout tool, you have the option to upload any layouts that you have created outside of Aisle Planner into the Design Studio. We recommend that you create a style guide titled LAYOUT DESIGN, then upload your layout or layout options there. You can upload  any .png or .jpg image into a style guide, so if your layout is a PDF, just edit the .pdf to .png and you’ll be able to add the image into Aisle Planner.

Once your layouts are in Aisle Planner, you can easily share with your clients and strike up a conversation with your clients about the layout.  We’ve included some screen shots below to give you some ideas on how we use the design studio for layout planning!

We like to upload our layouts and use the comment field beneath each image to introduce the layout to our clients or kick off a conversation that will help me take next steps to finalizing the layout. Whenever a comment has been added, your client will get an email with the image and associated comment.  From there, they can easily respond directly via email with feedback (and hopefully some decisions), and their response gets updated in the comment stream. We love that they don’t even need to login to Aisle Planner to keep the conversation flowing.

Including specific “calls to action” in the comment field will help encourage your clients to take next steps and keep the planning process moving forward, whether it’s asking your clients to respond with approval, or to provide specific feedback so that you can make updates to the layout per their thoughts.

Continuing the conversation within the comment stream is a great way to communicate with your clients, but also document conversations, decisions and change requests in a location that is completely relevant to the topic at hand.



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