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Can I Upload Files Into Aisle Planner?

Currently, you can upload files in two places within each wedding:

Contact Records
Once you’ve created a contact record, you can upload any file (pdf, doc, xls, png, jpg, etc.) to the right side of that record – you can either drag and drop it into place or just click the gold button towards the top left of your contact record that says ADD TO CONTACT to browse your computer for files. You can also use this “file” space to the right to start a discussion with your clients, or to let them know that a file has been uploaded.  When you upload a file, your clients won’t get notified. However, if you add a comment, they’ll receive a notification, along with a link that takes them to this page, so it’s always helpful to introduce what the file is, and what you’d like the client to do as next steps to keep the ball moving forward!

The Design Studio/Style Guides
If your files are visually driven, I would recommend creating a style guide and uploading the images here.   I’ll use style guides to upload layouts, sketches – basically, anything VISUAL that I’d like to keep organized and have a conversation about. To upload files to a style guide, they just need to be in .png or .jpf format, so for things like layouts and sketches that may be in PDF format, I just change the file name from .pdf to .jpg and that usually does the trick (you may also need to change it back to .pdf to open that file on your computer)

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