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Can My Clients See the Master Timeline in Aisle Planner?

We currently don’t have privacy / permission settings for timelines just yet within Aisle Planner, so the calendar filter options you see are just for downloading purposes. That being said, clients will be able to see all versions of the timeline in their timeline tab (as long as you’ve given them access to the timeline tool in your user-based privacy settings –which can be adjusted from the Planning Partners link towards the top right of your screen once you’re in a particular wedding.)

I’ve found that my clients really appreciate being able to see my full production timeline while we’re planning. It seems to ease their worries and stress level, knowing that I’ve got ALL the details taken care of. Crazy as this seems, I also found it minimized the amount of questions clients were sending my way about production-related items (there will always be those clients who are micro-managers).

I always explain to my clients that what they see when they click on their timeline tab is our full production timeline – the main timeline I work off of to be sure that nothing falls through the cracks, but as the wedding date nears, I’ll share with them a simplified version that they can also share with family and bridal party members – since they don’t necessarily need to worry about all the items on my master/production timeline, and that seems to get everyone on the same page for timeline planning ahead!

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