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How do I create a custom log in link on my WordPress site for my clients?

Make it easy for your clients to access your custom branded login page to their wedding on Aisle Planner by adding a “client login” link to your website.  Here’s how to add a login link on wordpress.


1. Go to your WP dashboard and hover over “APPEARANCE” in the left navigation; select “MENUS”.

2. Find “Select a menu to edit” from the top half of the page and choose whatever is labeled your “Main Navigation”.
3. Select “CUSTOM LINKS” from the left-side navigation.
4. Enter the desired URL (you can set up your custom branded login URL over in the BRANDING tab in Aisle Planner) and a name for the link (i.e. “Client Login” or “Client Lounge”). Select “Add to Menu.”
5. Select “Save Menu” at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
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