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How can I refer an industry friend to Aisle Planner?

Aisle Planner Refer a Friend

Sharing Aisle Planner with your industry friends is easier than ever with our new Refer a Friend feature!

To access your custom referral link or code simply log in and click on your name that appears in the top right menu bar. From there, you’ll click on Refer a Friend to find everything you need. You can choose to easily share your referral link to Facebook or send emails to industry friends through the portal you see on the page. To send your link via email, simply enter the email address of the recipient, customize the message, and click Send Referrals. 

Want to scream about how much you love Aisle Planner from the rooftops? Use your custom referral link url or code to spread the word on social media or in blog posts! 

Anyone who uses your referral code to start a trial will not only get the free 30-day trial, but also 25% off their first 3 months! And we’ll track how many new subscribers you send our way and credit your account with $25 for each one!

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