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How do I add a client to their project?

We designed Aisle Planner to make planning and communication easier for you and your clients, so once you’ve prepped and customized each event or project to meet your client’s specific needs, you have the option to invite them into their project.

To add a client to their project:

1.  Select the project and from their project dashboard, click on the PLANNING PARTNERS link towards the top right.


2.  Then, click on the ADD CLIENT button on the right, and enter in their email address as well as their first and last name.  You’ll also want to select their role for easy reference. You can add as many users on your client’s behalf, but we recommend that you keep it to one or two people, such as the bride and groom (you know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen!)


3.  Once you’ve added your clients to their wedding, there’s just a few more steps before actually inviting them in.  If you want to limit what your clients can access and edit, you have the option to adjust their privacy and permission settings here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.33.09 PM

4.  Once you’ve fine tuned access for each client, you’ll want to be sure to click on the SEND INVITE link to officially invite them into their project. They’ll receive an emailed invitation to join the project, and be guided through the process of creating their free adjoining account – you’ll receive a notification once they have joined your account.

As a side note, don’t feel that you have to invite your clients into Aisle Planner. Some planners use Aisle Planner internally with their team, but we personally love how much easier it is to plan with our clients together online!

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