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How do I add new categories or remove categories from a tool?

To create custom categories, click into that particular wedding and then follow these steps:

In the tool bar, click on the CATEGORIES link (far right, next to NOTES) and scroll down to the very bottom – then click MANAGE CATEGORIES

1-Manage Categories

This will open up a category grid, that lists the categories on the LEFT and the tools across the top. You can add additional categories by clicking on the ADD CATEGORY link, which is in gold towards the top of the list.

2-Add New Category

Once you’ve added the new category in, you’ll want to add a check mark in the appropriate tool column, so it appears as a category option once you’re back in the tool – for example, if you want to add a new vendor category, you’ll want to add a check mark in the VENDORS tool. ┬áHeads up – the category will automatically be arranged in alpha-order, so you may need to scroll down to locate the new category you just created.

Alternately, if you’d like to remove a category from a tool within a wedding, locate the category and remove the checkmark from the corresponding tool.

3-Choose where categories are shown

Depending on how you’re using the categories, if you’ll want to add (or remove) them for all future events, you’ll want to consider adding/customizing the categories at the template level (which you can do by visiting the TEMPLATES tool in your planner’s toolkit), so for each new wedding you create using that template, your categories will already be set according to your preferences.

Note – making the changes at the template level will only affect new weddings you create, so for existing weddings, you’ll still need to go in and make any category updates as needed!



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