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How do I communicate with my clients in Aisle Planner?

While there isn’t a straightforward way to email a client directly from our tools, you do have the ability to send email notifications by utilizing the comment capabilities within our tools.

Anytime you add a comment to a wedding, whether it’s on a photo, task or vendor, everyone on that wedding will receive an emailed notification, provided they didn’t turn off their email notifications.

That said, because everyone who is a part of the wedding will receive the email, we recommend that you include the name of the person you’d like to draw attention to, or need something from, and include a very specific call to action, such as “let me know if this is approved” or “let me know if there are any changes or if this is good to go” –  so that you can make the most of our comment notifications.

Here’s a few ways that comments can start to replace certain emails:

On Checklist Items
You can also use comments on checklist items to follow up and see how things are going, start a conversation about a checklist item, or provide more information for a checklist item.


On Images
If you (or your client) commented on an image (see screen shot below), an email notification will go out, along with a link to login or (better yet) your client can just reply to your comment, right from her email.


On Vendors
You can add comments to vendor records, which is great for letting your clients know that you’ve uploaded a price list, proposal or contract.

The goal is to document as much of your conversations/client approvals/change requests within Aisle Planner for easy reference, so you don’t have to hunt through emails to find information that you need.


Here’s a Blog Post with some more information and examples about using comments to collaborate in Aisle Planner!

Coming Up
We have “directed comments” on our to-do list (so you can just notify a specific person/people) as well as in house/planner only private notes, so we cannot wait to build in more communication capabilities from within our tools!

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