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Can I create a custom planning template?

There are four types of templates you can create in Aisle Planner:  project templatestimeline templates, notes templates and document templates.


Project Templates

Project templates are combination of planning categories, checklist items and budget. When you create a new wedding, event or project, you’ll have the option to choose the template you’d like to use, and we’ll populate the checklist/budget and planning categories as you have them set up in your template.  This is a great opportunity to customize the checklist to match your own planning process.  For example, you can scale back/simplify our default checklist, or delete our checklist completely and started from scratch. You can set up different templates for full service and month of planning packages.  It’s also possible to remove the CATEGORIES and replaced them with Phases for planning, and create non-wedding event templates for other social events. There are many options!

To create your first project template:

  1.  Click on the TEMPLATES tab on your planner dashboard. This will take you directly to your PROJECT TEMPLATES page.
  2. You can create two types of templates, wedding templates or event templates.  If you’ll be using this template for wedding related events, click on the gold  Add New Wedding Template button to create your new template.  If you’ll be using this template for a non-wedding event or general project (which can be anything, such as an internal project for your business or an office redesign project for example) click on the gold Add New Event Template.
  3.  A copy of our Aisle Planner Default template will be created for you to customize, but first you’ll want to rename it accordingly to avoid confusion. For example, you may want to create a wedding template for your “Month-of Wedding Coordination” or “Full Service Wedding Planning” or “Wedding Styled Shoot” or you may want to create an event template for “Bar Mitzvahs” or “Annual Fundraising Gala” or “Annual Conference.”
  4. Just below, you’ll see options to edit and customize your Checklist and Budget. This is where you do the bulk of your customizations.  To learn more about customizing your project templates (which include checklist and budget templates) read more here.
  5. Once you’ve created your custom templates, when you add a new project, be sure to select the template you’d like to use. Once you create a new project or event, you won’t be able to go back in to change your template.



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