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How do I create custom filtered timelines?

You can easily create a simplified version of your master timeline by using the filter options. Filters allow you to hide any timeline items that may not be relevant to it’s recipient.  This is perfect for creating a streamlined timeline for your client or any vendors without having to create additional timelines from scratch.  To create a filtered timeline, you’ll need to create your master timeline first. Once your master timeline has been filled out, it’s easy to create filtered versions:

Visit your timeline tool in Aisle Planner and click on the drop down menu next to FILTERED VIEW and you’ll see the option to select or add a new custom filter.


Once you’ve selected or created a filtered view, you can choose which items you’d like shown on this filtered version by hovering your pointer over any checklist item and selecting the check mark that appears to the left.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.36.06 PM

To hide items from the filtered timeline (hidden items appear in gray on the screen), hover over any checklist item with your pointer and select the “x” that appears towards the left.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.36.24 PM

Please note:

  • You won’t want to delete any items, as this affects all versions of the timeline, including your master timeline.
  • Any changes made will affect all versions of the timeline, including your master timeline.
  • To download a filtered version, select the version you’d like to download (whether it’s the master timeline or a filtered version) then click on the gold share button off towards the top right. From there, select additional options to download.
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