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How do I delete an event in the Guest tool? For Example, we have Ceremony, Reception, and Rehearsal Dinner, but I want to remove Brunch.

To delete an event from your guest manager:

1.  Click on CATEGORIES towards the right side of your tool bar, and scroll down to MANAGE CATEGORIES at the very bottom of the drop down menu and click to open the categories menu.

1-Manage Categories

3.  In the categories grid that appears, if you don’t need the category to appear anywhere in the tools, you can simply delete the brunch category from all areas of the tools by hovering over the BRUNCH category, then clicking on the trash can icon that appears to the left.

4.  If you want to keep BRUNCH in some areas of the tool, such as the checklist and budget, then just uncheck Brunch from the IS AN EVENT column, as well as any other areas you don’t need BRUNCH to appear.

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