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How Do I Delete an Invoice from the Invoicing Tool?

You can delete any invoice that doesn’t have a payment applied to it.

To delete an invoice, click into that invoice and select the gold action button (the one with the arrow, top right of your screen) and you should see a DELETE INVOICE option.  If you don’t see the delete option, it’s likely because you’ve either accepted payment on that invoice OR manually added a payment.

Invoices that have accepted online payments (that have been paid by a client via credit card or ACH) cannot be deleted (so that you have these payments on record for bookkeeping/accounting purposes), however, if you’ve manually entered or recorded payments, you can delete any manually entered payments and once those have all been deleted, you’ll see the delete option appear in the action menu.

To delete a manually entered payment on an invoice, click into that invoice and you’ll see your manually entered payments on the right.  Hover over the payment, and a trash can will appear.  Click the trash can to delete!

Once that’s done and all payments have been deleted, click on that gold action button again, and you’ll see the DELETE option!

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