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How do I send a contract, proposal or information document to a client?

Aisle Planner New Feature Proposals and Contracts

How to Send a Document

You’ll remember that we included the ability to create Document Templates in our last release and now, you have the ability to send those templates (in addition to documents you create on the fly) directly to your leads – right from within Aisle Planner!

To send proposals, brochures, contracts or any other branded documents to a potential client, simply click the Leads tab on your Planner Dashboard and then click into a Lead Record. Scroll down and under the Notes section of the Lead Record, you’ll see a Documents section.  Click the “+” to select a Document to send.

Aisle Planner New Feature Proposals and Contracts

Choose from any of the Document Templates you have already created or create a new document on the spot. After selecting the document you’d like to send, it will open to a screen where you can make edits to the document prior to previewing or sending it. You can set things like the document type, name, signature requirements (none, signature, signature and counter signature), and recipients as well as  view the edit history in the right side bar labeled Document Details.

Aisle Planner New Feature Proposals and Contracts

When you are finished editing and are ready to send the document, click on the Export button (you can preview or download the document before sending as well). A modal will open where you can confirm or edit the recipient’s email contact, edit the subject line as well as write a message. Then all you have to do is click Send!

Aisle Planner New Feature Proposals and Contracts

Collecting Signatures and Getting Notified

After you’ve sent the document off, the recipient will find it in their email inbox and it will be branded with your logo just like they’re used to seeing from Aisle Planner. When they open the email, they’ll see your message (like in the first image we included in this blog post) along with a link to View Document. When the recipient clicks on that link, the proposal, service sheet, brochure, contract – whatever you’ve sent them – will open in a new tab. And, depending on the signature requirements you set, they can electronically sign the document on the spot! Aisle Planner New Feature Proposals and Contracts

Once they do, you’ll receive notification that the document has been signed and a prompt to countersign (if that is how you set the requirements).

Aisle Planner New Feature Proposals and Contracts

A Few Notes About Sending Documents

  • You (the planner) can countersign any documents that require your signature from the email notification or from within Aisle Planner
  • Any documents you send will live in the Lead Record you created it from. So, once the client is booked, you can still refer to the documents there


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