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How do I use the vendor manager to “recommend” vendors to my clients?

You can use Aisle Planner’s vendor manager to not only track vendors that you’ve booked, but also to track vendors that you’re considering or recommending to your clients.


Once you create a wedding, click on VENDORS. Then click the gold ADD VENDOR button on the top left of the screen. From here, you can browse your vendors in your Contact┬áLibrary, choose the planning category, and leave the box unchecked that says THIS VENDOR IS BOOKED. All vendors you add in this way will appear as “Considering” and can basically be all the vendors you would recommend to your client. You can also upload files, such as general price sheets, information and proposals, and have conversations about each vendor, right within each vendor record.

Once a vendor has been booked, click into it and check “Booked” right under the vendor name. For those vendors that you didn’t book, you can either then delete the vendor records, or leave them in the system, since only booked vendors will appear on the contact sheet and official vendor list downloads.

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