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I copied and pasted a lot of detail into my timeline and it’s not printing out right. Help!

We have noticed that the program that converts the information on the screen into the downloaded PDF does not always correctly format text that has been pasted into Aisle Planner.

Select/highlight any content that you may have copied/pasted into the timeline and then click on the clear formatting icon towards the top of the screen to clear formatting.  If you’re still not able to download the timeline, contact us at for assistance.

Until we are able to create a fix for this issue, we suggest that when you copy text from another program, you use the ‘Paste as plain text’ option and then use the formatting options built into Aisle Planner.

To bold, color code or highlight a timeline item, click on the GRAY DOT to the left of that timeline item. You’ll see additional formatting options in the menu that appears.

To bold, color code or highlight an item in the notes field beneath a timeline item, once you click into the notes area, you’ll see a different styling menu towards the top of your timeline

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